YoloBJJ – Sponsor Pro Gi

YoloBJJ – Sponsor Pro Gi

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Yolo BJJ gi review – Pro Sponsor kimono A2

Before we get into our YoloBJJ gi review, we wanted to take the time and give a small little bio of YoloBJJ from the mind of Eric York (the owner)

Currently we have two side to the business, the retail side www.yolobjj.com and the “bio / lifestyle side www.bjjyolo.com which is a work in progress chronicling my decision to leave the “American Dream” behind and pursue the “BJJ lifestyle”.

About 6 months ago my wife starting talking to me about quitting her job (she is an engineer with one of the world’s largest engineering firms) and in the end, we decided that their might be something better than working 50 hours a week and cramming in a few hours a week doing the things we enjoy. So we decided to sell everything we own and spend the rest of our lives doing what we love (for her traveling, and for me training BJJ).

You can read the long version HERE

First Impressions

When opening the bag, the YoloBJJ kimono didn’t have that new gi smell. We all know that smell, the moth ball odor. There was actually no odor at all. It was a weird change from the norm I’ve been receiving, but enough about the smell.

The kimono itself looks pretty good. White with black contrast is always a good choice for a design. The embroidery is done very well. The stitching is pretty accurate and doesn’t have and wavy lines that I can see at the moment. The woven taping is soft.

The pants are of medium feeling weight, good embroidery as well. Same nice taping as the top. Comes with a gold weave gusset too!

All in all, looks like a solid kimono, off to the wash it goes!!!!


Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Embroidered Logos
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Soft Woven Taping
  • White w/ Black contrast



Pants Details

  •  10 oz Drill Cotton
  • 6 belt loop system
  • Stretchy Rope
  • Gold Weave Gusset
  • Embroidered Logos
  • White w/Black Contrast





Quick Review

YoloBJJ has made an IBJJF approved kimono that in my opinion, is a well rounded gi for both competition and training. The white one is competitively priced at $159 w/ free shipping and the Black/blue ones are slightly higher at $169 w/ free shipping. The fit would be good for someone with a lanky frame (would be looser) or a stockier frame. It really depends on how your body type is though and how you like your kimono to fit.

Most of the reinforcements feature quadruple or triple stitching, and the seam tape that came folded over and is already soft is only getting more comfortable with each wash. A big plus for the taping, it actually comes over the collar seam by 1 cm and is stitched onto the collar. A taping that actually protects the collar seam? Whhhaaaattttttt? Most collar seam tape is flush with the edge of the collar or slightly away from it. While this was actually intended for competitor comfort, it also has the advantage of reinforcing the collar / fabric seam as well.

The stitching is mainly straight all throughout the kimono but there are a few double stitched lines as expected with a contrast stitched kimono. All embroidery is stitched well with no loose threads. My only gripe about the embroidery is how much of it there is. IMO they could cut down on some of the embroidered logos.

I know the name will turn off a lot of people, but look past the name because the kimono itself is made well and the price is competitive with a good number of brands out there.



  • Good construction
  • Taping goes over the collar
  • Thick collar
  • Straight stitching throughout



  •  A lot of embroidery (personal taste)

Weight Of Kimono:  3.4 lbs (from the website)


More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The 450 Sponsor Pro didn’t come with a gi bag, just the clear poly bag that a lot of gi’s come with.


Jacket Details

The black contrast to the white pearl material is a good choice for a lot of debut kimonos IMO. It’s a classic look that everyone can get behind.

The pearl weave is rather rough on the outside, almost like sand paper but the inside is soft except on the neck yoke. That material is the same rough pearl weave material rubbing against your shoulder area. Probably not the best idea but it’s getting softer after every wash. (as an edit, I’ve checked back through some gi’s and noticed that it’s a 50/50 mix of kimonos that have this type of a neck yoke. I guess I never noticed because the others were softer, this material is now fairly soft and not noticeable)

The sleeve cuffs are quadruple stitched with black contrast stitching and feature a soft, folded over woven taping that reads “yolobjj open up and play”. The taping is secured with separate stitching that is grey on the inside, but white on the outside so it blends in with the material. The taping is almost 2 cm in height.

The jacket skirt is folded over and is quadruple stitched, then has the woven taping stitched on with two extra non contrast lines like the sleeve cuffs.

The collar is two inches wide and made of a thicker than normal, firm EVA foam. It has mainly straight stitching but does have a doubled over line at the bottom of the collar. The taping that is along the collar actually goes over the collar seam and onto the collar by 1 cm. The stitching that is securing the taping is the same as everywhere else on the kimono, grey on the inside and white on the outside to blend in with the material. (I’ve been told that this taping actually reinforces the seam better than others)

All of the embroidery on the kimono is done fairly well with the exception of a small red thread bleed on the back of the kimono where it reads “YoloCompetitor”. It’s a very small mark but a mark none the less. (As an edit, it washed out and you can’t tell it even bled)

The inside neck tag is made of the same woven material as the taping and is singed over on three of the four sides to ensure that it doesn’t scratch, but the left side isn’t singed like the other. It was a small mishap at the factory and Erik York has stated that this is 100% covered by the warranty. (Great CS honestly, something as small as a tag not being folded over is covered.)

Standard triangle reinforcements in the side splits and have black contrast to them. There is an off stitch to them as I’m starting to see a lot of this now, I guess it’s just a hard stitch to get correct. The triangles are made of pearl weave material and have black stitching.



Pants Details

The 450 S.P pants are made from a white 10 oz drill cotton and have black contrast to them. A black stretchy rope is secured by six belt loops that are 1.3 cm wide and 4 cm tall at the openings. The belt loops are made from what appears to be doubled over drill cotton that feature your standard stitching lines for most belt loops.

The pants are soft and have standard reinforcements that come along with a lot of pants. Square side split made of drill cotton and a black cotton material covering the side split.

The inseam is triple stitched and leads up to a gold weave gusset that has triangle reinforcement made of drill cotton and is stitched by black contrast stitching.

The pants don’t feature a brand tag per say, but do feature an embroidered yolobjj logo on the left thigh that is 31cm long x 5.5 cm high at the tallest point.

The quadruple stitched cuffs are folded up to have an extra layer for the woven taping. Same grey on the inside, white on the outside stitching secures the seam tape in place.

The knee pads measure 13 inch (33.5 cm) long, and are made from another layer of cotton.



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I would compare this gi to Padilla & Sons for the fit. From my memory it fits just like a P&S lightweight and appears to be made from the same mold, construction wise as well as fit.


Where to buy

www.YOLOBJJ.com is the only place to purchase YoloBJJ kimonos



$159 (free shipping)


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