YoloBJJ Carioca Superlight Gi’s (Video and written)

YoloBJJ Carioca Superlight Gi’s (Video and written)

YoloBJJ Carioca SuperLight Gis (A2)


Today we’re taking a look at TWO YoloBJJ Carioca gis. You might be wondering why we are bringing you two gi’s in one. While both of the gi’s are a super light 350 Pearl weave material jacket with 10 oz cotton pants; one of them is made of Cotton, while the other is made of a 50/50 Bamboo and cotton blend.

First off, here is our video review but you can also read a written review below as well!!!



Jacket Details

  • ¬†350 white pearl weave
  • Green contrast stitching
  • Woven Patches
  • Embroidered logo
  • Woven taping

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Pants Details

  • 10 oz cotton
  • Green contrast stiching
  • Woven patches
  • Woven taping

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Quick Review

Yolobjj has made some super light gi’s that dry fairly quickly. All stitching and embroidery looks to be in great shape after 3 months of use between multiple people. Being that these gi’s are lightweight, they breathe well and don’t hold odors like some gi’s can. Rolling in these gi’s is a breeze but the cotton one did stretch out due to it’s light weight. The bamboo blend held it’s shape very nicely though.

Both Carioca gi’s are made of 350 gsm white pearl weave material/10 oz light cotton pants and feature yellow and green contrasting color hits around the gi, and they also feature a mixture of embroidery and woven patches. The only difference between the two jackets is how loose the bamboo weave is compared to the tightly woven cotton top.

There are some downsides to these gi’s unfortunately. The yellow belt loops bled out a little bit, but you can’t see it unless up super close and it is washing out as well, and the cotton gi shrank quite a bit while the bamboo gi didn’t shrink at all. I’m 5’9 and 180 right now and the A2’s fit great, the cotton one is a bit small now but it’s still wearable.

The cotton gi holds dirt quite a bit more than the bamboo one does. I saw the problem once before with the Manila Kimonos gi and you have to add in extra detergent to get all the dirt out. I’m not sure what’s up with that but it is what it is I guess.

I like that yolobjj is going out there in terms of design and name. You don’t see many people taking a risk with a name like yolobjj or with how flamboyant these two gi’s are. Kudos to yolo!

The design/name won’t be for everyone, but I think they’re adequately priced at $149 (cotton) and $159 (Bamboo/cotton blend). If you’re looking for a lightweight gi (3.1/3 lbs for an A2) and dig the style then you should check them out. I would take into account the shrinkage I had with the cotton one and lack of shrinkage with the bamboo blend when ordering though. Hit them up when they have a sale and you can save even more.



  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Thick collar



  • Cotton gi shrank a bit
  • Belt loops bled, but are washing out
  • Cotton gi held dirt

Weight –

3.1 lbs (Bamboo)

3 lbs (Cotton)


Where to buy




$149 – Cotton

$159 – Bamboo











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- Design
- Durability
- Fit
- Price
- Quality

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YoloBJJ Carioca Superlight Gi’s (Video and written) Robert Kipness

YoloBJJ Carioca SuperLight Gis (A2) Today we're taking a look at TWO YoloBJJ Carioca gis. You might be wondering why we are bringing you two gi...