War Tribe Kevlar Gi

War Tribe Kevlar Gi

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The War Tribe Kevlar gi is one that originally caught our eye because of the name. A Kevlar Gi. There was lots of talk about whether or not it was actually made of kevlar, had kevlar inserts or what. We reached out to War Tribe and they agreed to meet us at a tournament and let us review their Kevlar Series Kimono. Without further adieu, here is the War Tribe Kevlar Gi Review


Introducing War Tribe Gear’s Kevlar Gi with exclusive patent pending technology.  We have spent countless hours in development and testing in an effort to create the world’s most technically advanced and meticulously crafted Gi on the planet.  We are confident that the War Tribe Kevlar Gi has accomplished this goal.  We are sure you will notice the difference when you put on our new Kevlar Series Gi.


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  • Sturdy construction
  • Phenomenally Embroidered logos
  • Lightweight but doesn’t stretch
  • Super Soft
  • Great stitching


  • Pants are a little wide at the bottom
  • Not sure how the Kevlar will hold up
  • Price Point


Jacket Details

  • Black Honeycomb Weave
  • Gold Stitching/contrast
  • Ripstop lined EVA Foam Collar
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Kevlar Stitch reinforcement in certain areas
  • Embroidered logos



Pants Details

  • Black Ripstop pants
  • Reinforced Kevlar inseam on pants and crotch to increase strength & durability
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Custom woven taping
  • 6 belt loop system
  • Stretch rope drawstring



Jacket Overview

The War Tribe Kevlar Kimono has a super soft black jacket that is made of a honeycomb weave, it feels very light but sturdy. The Gold contrast to it makes it stand out quite a bit as well. It’s an eye catcher for sure.

The quality of the embroidery on the logos is superb and there are no weak spots in the stitching, everything looks and feels super solid. When looking at the stitching you can notice in the middle of a few triple strands of stitching (   ) it is more of a yellow color. This would be the Kevlar reinforced stitching.

One thing I noticed is the different type of fabric we usually see on the inside of the armpit and the side split for their reinforcement. I didn’t know what this fabric was so I asked War Tribe, and here is there response;

The fabric that you are referring to that is found in the Arm Pit area, the side slit and the crotch area is called Kevlar 29 Aramid fiber. This is a heavier modified interlock knit fabric made from 100% Kevlar® Fabric. The Kevlar 29 fabric is specifically used for re-enforcing high stress area’s that are prone to rip’s and tears. This Kevlar® fabric has been scientifically proven to be 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet, at the same time, is lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

The taping on this gi is a softer taping and super high quality. It’s not scratchy at all and is stitched on very well.

Pants Overview

The black ripstop pants at first were fairly stiff. The first time I used them it seemed like they were like bell bottoms flaring at the end because the seams were so stiff. After a few washes though they softened up though. They are also the perfect length of what I like in them right out of the bag, very short. Luckily they’re ripstop and won’t shrink up anymore.

As per the jacket, the pants have reinforced Kevlar stitching in certain spots as well

The weight of the pants is relatively light but they feel heavier in the knee area despite there isn’t any extra fabric besides the dual layer of ripstop material you would normally see on a pair of gi trousers. I asked about this and War Tribe didn’t really answer my question, just reaffirmed my knowledge that it was just a double layer of ripstop.

Fit & Rolling

The fit of this gi is fairly standard in my opinion. The skirt is of regular length but does tend to come out more often than not while drilling.

The sleeves start off roomy in the shoulders but then they start to slowly taper down as you go towards the wrist. The sleeves aren’t too tight that they wouldn’t pass a check at an IBJJF event but they are tight enough it’s hard for someone to get pistol grips or the “C” grip that is most associated with the Spider Guard.

The fit of the pants to me are weird though. The waist is cut very low and even when I tie the chord super tight and double knot it, they still start to falling down the second someone starts to tugging on them berimbolo style. Unlike the jacket sleeves, the pants don’t taper down as you get to the cuff. They’re roomy all around especially as you go down the leg towards the ankles.

**After a good amount of rolling the pants aren’t coming down as much as they were. Perhaps they’ve loosened up or perhaps I’ve just gotten used to them, not really sure**

The gi did shrink about an inch and a half after all the washing and the sleeves/pants are just barely legal for the IBJJF. The gi doesn’t stretch out while rolling and it does feel great due to the softness of the jacket.



Final Conclusions

In my opinion, the way that the War Tribe Kevlar Gi is marketed you would assume that it is made of Kevlar fabric or something of the sort. Obviously this isn’t the case but I’m really curious as to how the Kevlar thread will actually come into play or if it will even help the gi at all but you can definitely tell the difference in thickness between the normal threading and Kevlar thread.

I feel that it may actually hinder the gi in the long run due to the different sizes of thread, but I hope I’m wrong.

The quality of the gi is extremely nice though. The stitching is straight, the embroidery is perfect, and the material/craftsmanship seems to be on par with any “high end” kimono out today. My only qualms with the actual kimono is with the width of the pant legs towards the cuffs. It’s a bit too wide for my liking but if that’s the only real problem with it then I guess that’s a win right?

The problem I have overall though is with the price. It’s $209 BEFORE SHIPPING. They give you three options to choose from for shipping though (2nd Day Air UPS, Ground UPS, or Priority Mail 2 Day USPS) which are very reasonable. They aren’t price gauging on the shipping like some companies are.

While I feel like the War Tribe Kevlar Gi is a very structurally sound and an aesthetically pleasing kimono, I’m not sure how to justify the heavy handed price of $209. That is a good amount more than a lot of companies that are coming out. Perhaps one of their lesser priced models would have the same quality as this kimono but around $40 cheaper. I’m not sure on the quality of the lesser priced models though.

I asked War Tribe why they’re price is above average and they eloquently responded,

Our price point is because we use only the highest quality of cotton and rip stop fabrics, authentic Kevlar by DuPont threads, and the most qualified seamstress’, even paying higher wage rates than other factories. This is because we have a high level of quality assurance and have invested a lot to make sure our products are top notch.

In my opinion the quality is great on this kimono, but I’m still torn on the price of this kimono. From this review you know what you’re going to get, a high quality kimono but with that higher quality comes a higher price than most. The decision is yours grapplers…


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