War Brand – One Year Belt Review

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I frequent the forums a lot and one thing I always see is “How does this belt hold up over time?” I see War mentioned more than most as it is one of the most priciest belts out there besides custom made belts from Kataaro (Meerkatsu Review here)and Eosin (Review here)or the Hayabusa ripstop belt

The War belt comes in at a whopping $30 USD (not including shipping) from Budo Videos or upthefight.com. That’s almost twice the cost of most belts and almost triple the cost of one brand.

What makes the War Belt more expensive is what the belt is made of, Gi Material. After the War Belt a few companies took notice of this and started making their own, but from my knowledge War was the first one to actually make their belts from Gi material.

War makes belts of all the Jiu Jitsu ranked colors but has three different shades of blue and an extremely dark purple belt. I chose the lighter shade of blue to be promoted with when the time came. That was over a year ago and I wanted to show how it’s holding up after numerous training sessions and washes/dries. (Yes I wash and dry my belt, MRSA is not fun)

When I first got the belt it stayed tied all the time. It would NEVER come undone.

Now not so much. I can just barely start drilling and it comes untied and starts hanging off everywhere. If you’re looking for a belt that will stay tied then it would be perfect for you if you’re only gonna be at that belt for about six months but that is highly unlikely.

There have been so many loose threads come off of the belt that I lost count. Right now there are around six or seven loose threads hanging out. It hasn’t effected the durability of the belt at all. There is also no fraying like other belts ( I myself like the look of a frayed belt though, it gives it character in my opinon) but there has been substantial color loss. That was expected to an extent though, given the material of the belt.

One spot of color in particular came out weird. Make no mistake, I have never bleached this belt.

I brightened this picture up to show the color that the belt almost was originally. Now it’s almost a greyish color with a subtle tint of blue.

Conclusion: The belt has really held up well, but like a lightweight gi it does stretch out a lot. Imagine playing spider guard with someone wearing a Gameness Air gi…stretchy rope city. It will stay long if you never wash your belt but this wasn’t the case for me because I don’t like germs (Yes, I’m a germaphobe. Weird phobia to have considering the art I love)

This has been a great belt to have and I’m glad I have had it at this stage of my journey in Jiu Jitsu. The belt will definitely make it through a few more years and if you’re looking for a strong belt then I would drop a subtle hint to your instructor about possibly wanting this brand (if you can find them) to promote you with.

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