Vulkan Pro Eco Follow Up

Vulkan Pro Eco Follow Up

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Here we are back again with another follow up review for your viewing pleasure. We’ve had the Vulkan Pro Eco Training gi for four months now and it’s time to see how it’s been holding up.


There is still not a lot to show about the Pro Eco Training gi given it’s minimalistic design but all seams are still tip top and because of it’s unbleached fabric there is no color loss. The Collar is still as hard as it was and I still love it as much as I did when I got it. There has been reports of unbleached kimonos shrinking a lot but I haven’t experienced that at all.


Once again there isn’t a lot to show about the gi but it’s the same as the jacket. No color loss and all seams are still as good as they  originally came. There is also no shrinkage that I’ve experienced either.


The smell that was once there in the beginning stages of the review is no longer there. It eventually washed out. In my opinion the Vulkan Pro Eco training gi is a good buy as long as you’re into the unbleached color. I’m not sure if it’s IBJJF legal but you can wear it at almost any other tournament (Naga, GQ, AGF etc.) and so far it seems like it’s built to last. I really like the unbleached color so it fits me well.

I would recommend it to any one if you’re into the color scheme and the Vulkan size chart is good for your build!!! Be wary though as the Vulkan doesn’t quite run like any other size chart. It’s a bit weird so make sure it fits you well!!

Vulkan Pro Eco Training Gi

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