Vo2 Iron Fist Grip Trainer Review

Vo2 Iron Fist Grip Trainer Review


For many years, people have used their old gi’s over a pull up bar to try to strengthen their grips. A lot of pulling obviously but no pushing, which does in fact come in handy with the art of Jiu Jitsu. Grips mean everything when training or competing.

I mean come on…who doesn’t want a stronger grip. I know we’ve all gone up against that one guy who has grips that are like a pissed off gorilla. No matter what you do you just can’t shake them. No slipping, no breaking, not even cheating with joint manipulation can break his grip.



Well Vo2 Max has put forth a grip sleeve trainer that can simulate many different grips for quite a few exercises to help get you that angry gorilla grip. There isn’t very many options out there for grip trainers, so with the price point of 28 pounds or $43 USD I wasn’t sure how well the product stacked up to the price tag.

I do have high hopes though, as the Gi jacket over the chin up bar is extremely old.

Here’s a small tutorial from their website.

Lets talk about the design of the grip trainers

  • 550 Gr. White Pearl weave material
  • Rip-stop reinforced
  • Integrated collar/lapel
  • Large grip surface

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Inside the sleeve, the collar is hiding

Now I know what you’re saying…doesn’t that look like the other Grip Trainers from another company? Yes it does, but they did add in the lapel grip on the inside of the sleeve as to hopefully distance themselves from other companies. This did upset a lot of people and rightfully so, but Vo2 has addressed this concern and they are designing a brand new sleeve trainer.


Vo2 describes 7 different grips that you can perform with this product.

  • Spider
  • Pistol
  • Judo sleeve
  • Lapel
  • Neck
  • Reverse neck
  • Double spider

All of these grips are very useful with the right exercise behind them.


You know the basic movements you can do with trainers like these. Pull ups, rows with dumbbells and/or bar, kettle bell swings, snatches (not recommended in my experience) farmers walks with dumbbells or bar, etc etc. You can do all of these exercises with the various grips that the Iron Grip trainers provide for you.

Besides those exercises and the ones that are shown in other videos, I have found some amazing drills you can use if you have a cable machine that will supplement your sweeps, Seo Nage’s, and certain guard passes. Unfortunately I am not able to get proper video and production on these so enjoy this grip training circuit video from Vo2 themselves…


Do they work?

I have used these for around 4 months now. I wanted to thoroughly test these out and see the effects they have had on my grips.

Let me tell you, the effects from these trainers were awesome. My spider guard grips have improved dramatically which was the main focus of my training. I wish I could’ve gotten the compliment of my grips were like a pissed off gorilla but I’m not quite there yet.

The grips on my training partners pants for passes have gotten a lot stronger as well. I have noticed it is easier to pull and push the legs.

Sure you could take my word for it, but I had a few other people in the gym to use them at the same time. Only one of them agreed to actually write a testimony so lets here from him…

Anthony Mathers  (www.thecredhulk.com)

I, like many other BJJ competitors, have been carrying around an old gi top to sling over pull-up bars. Grip training. It’s vital to practice and improve as you progress. Learning about these specially designed grips, I was excited to give them a try.

The simple construction allows for a variety of different hand positions that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using a gi top. Being inventive, the grips can be used with dumbbells or bars allowing the user to do anything from bear crawls to dead lifts. This versatility allows me to continue training while still conditioning my grips.

Anyone who is serious about BJJ, or just interested grip conditioning in general should use include these in their tool box. They’re a part of mine that I can’t do without.


So with the amount these trainers have been getting used and how long we’ve had them I have to say that it’s my opinion that they are worth the price of 28 pounds or $43 in USD. Vo2 Max has created a very useful product that can meet the demands of high volume training. I still use them to supplement my grip training every week.

My only real qualm with the trainer is the lapel grip that is integrated inside the sleeve. I will advise you to NOT use them for pull ups as it is very painful to attempt the action with that grip. You can use them for lots of other methods though so don’t let that discourage you.

They do get dirty fairly quickly since they are white and you will be sweating while using these, so I also advise you to wash them at least once a week so you don’t get bacteria from multiple people using them.

If you’re interested in strengthening your grip and frustrating your opponents then don’t hesitate to give the Vo2 Max Iron Fist grip trainers a try.

Visit their site HERE

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