VHTS Rash Guard Review

VHTS Rash Guard Review

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VHTS (Very Hard To Submit) is a smaller company based in New York who is starting to get some big recognition from the higher ups in the Jiu Jitsu World. We had the opportunity to review a combo of their gi and rash guard. Here is what we came up with for the rash guard…




The design for the VHTS rash guard is basic in terms of fashion. It’s straight black with red/white screen printed logos.
It has the VHTS on the front chest as well as a “V” on the lower left hand torso. The back boasts the words Very Hard To Submit on the lower back region and the VHTS letters across the shoulders.

To me it feels like the design will crack and peel very easily but the owner has shown me a rash guard that he has had for a while and there are no signs of damage to the print so that makes my worries a little less.

This rash guard doesn’t have any bells or whistles to accompany it and does exactly what it’s supposed to do…protect your skin from the mats.

Fit & Rolling Performance

The fit of the VHTS rash guard is a happy medium between tight and loose. There is no excess material bunching up but it’s not so tight that it’s restricting either.

As for rolling, the rash guard is a cooler one. It’s not suffocating like some thicker rash guards are but then again it’s not so thin that you can see little hairs poking through either. I know we’ve all had those rash guards. It wicks sweat away nicely but it still does get damp like other rash guards. Once I peel the rash guard off after rolling man does it get cold quick.


The VHTS rash guard is priced at $40. It’s around $20 less than a lot of fancy rash guards that are coming out right now and have designs all over them. I feel that it may be a little bit over priced for a rash guard of this magnitude. The designs could use some work but the quality of the rash guard itself is good. I would have no problem paying $40 if shipping was included though.

I wanna let it be known that if you get this rash guard….you had better be hard to submit or prepare for some lulz to be had lol.


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