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VHTS G2 Kimono (A2F)

This is the third kimono we’ve received from Very Hard To Submit (VHTS). This is their new A2 Fit (A2F) size. I initially thought it was an A2 Female but Gi Tak, the owner, assumed me it stood for “Fit”. 🙂

You can buy the G2 along with other VHTS Kimonos here


First Impressions

The black plastic bag is very different than what I’m used to seeing. Usually it’s a cloth gi bag or clear plastic bag. The black plastic with VHTS logo and size tag is a nice touch. Gives it a more boutique feeling to the company.

Looking at the blue gi with red/white lapel taping, I immediately liked the design. Knowing that I was getting a fitted A2 size, I was really excited to try the gi on and get to rolling!!


  • Good fit
  • Strong Collar
  • Good Price
  • Good CS



  • Color faded quick
  • Mismatched color
  • Looks Worn

Jacket Details

  • 550 gsm pearl weave
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Dual colored taping along the collar
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Standard Reinforcements
  • Custom taping & Patches



Pants Details

  • 10 oz Blue Cotton Twill Pants
  • Red Flat Drawstring
  • Standard Reinforcements
  • Pearl Weave Gusset
  • Custom Taping



Jacket Overview

The 550 GSM weight that is listed doesn’t feel that heavy at all. While soft, it feels sturdy as well.

The jacket features all of your standard reinforcements: Double stitched cuffs and jacket skirts, oval fabric in the armpits, square side split reinforcement, and triple stitched seams down the arms.

The design is a sleek mixture of elements. While there is white contrast stitching, the G2 also features the dual color collar taping that the first VHTS kimono was known for. This time it has red/white taping. The name tag on the collar from previous kimonos is on the G2 as well.

There are several spots of embroidery on the jacket. A red VHTS triangle logo on the left arm, a red/white VHTS circle on the right, and a white VHTS text on the right breast. All of these logos are done well and with care.

There are also two woven patches that are shown in the photos above. One on the inside of the left skirt, and one on the inside of the left skirt.

Inside sleeve taping is the same salmon, blue, white, and black color combo as previous models.


*** As you can tell from the photos, the color of the pearl weave and the color of the collar are mismatched. The color bled a lot more out of the pearl weave material than that of the collar and now they are two different shades of blue.***

Pants Overview

The pants have a similar design scheme as the jacket, mixed colors that blend well.

There are five white ripstop belt loops, with two pairs on the outside and one dead in the middle that are of thicker material. The red flat drawstring pairs well with the loops and blue material of the pants.

Two woven patches, one on the left thigh and one small red face on the right outer thigh. The left thighs patch has a quote from Miyamoto Musashi and features a VHTS Triangle art.

The knee pads are of decent length and are made from an extra layer of the same material the pants are made of.

Inside cuff taping is the same salmon, blue, white, and black color combo as previous models.


*** The same as the jacket. As you can tell from the photos, the color of the pearl weave and the color of the pants are mismatched. The color bled a lot more out of the pearl weave gusset material than that of the rest of the pants and now they are two different shades of blue.***

Fit & Rolling Performance

The A2F size is a lot better than the A1 or A2 that I have received from VHTS before. Everything was just a little bit longer than their A1 or A2. It fits almost like a normal A2 in traditional sizing. (think Atama)

As you can see the sleeves are about two fingers from the wrist (a good length), the pants will be a little short for some peoples tastes but then again some will like it as well. Me personally, I love the shorter lengths.


Rolling in the gi was a little restrictive in the armpits, not a lot but enough I could tell. Which in turn made me think about it even more. It was a pleasant roll temperature wise. Not too hot, not too cool. Since the sleeves are so fitted it was easy to prevent grips, and even easier to break grips when I did find the rare occasion someone had gotten them.

The collar was great and the cut of the pants was even better, not restrictive in the least amount. Maybe a little too loose in the cuff area for me as the pant cuffs were a little easier to grip, and a little harder to break. It showed me I need to work on my pant grip breaking more though.


Final Conclusion

It’s a lower to mid range priced gi at $130 before shipping, but I am on the fence about this gi. I’ve had a less than stellar experience with this one, the first out of three kimonos I’ve encountered with VHTS. It seems as if I just got a bad kimono out of the batch. I know these things will happen from time to time.

Some people admire the faded look of a well worn kimono, some don’t. For the amount of time that I’ve had this gi it shouldn’t look this broken in. I’m not sure how the gi will hold up over time, all the stitching, embroidery, and stress points are not broken down in any way…it’s just worn.

After showing the pictures to the owner Gi Tak, he checked around and only found one other person this had happened to. That person didn’t mind but Gi said he offered him a replacement to compensate for the kimono. The same deal was offered to me, but I declined like the previous person.

That speaks highly about the owner and how he wants to make amends for the seemingly rare occurrence of one of his products failing to meet expectations of the consumer.

My advice to you is the same as when this happened to me last time with another brand. Check around, ask other people how their G2 is holding up. If theirs is good with no problems and you like the design, grab it.

 You can purchase the G2 and other VHTS products HERE


  • find out what caused the color mishap
  • go with preshrunk material like the first kimono


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