Vandal Kimonos Snow Camo Rash Guard

Vandal Kimonos Snow Camo Rash Guard

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Vandal Kimonos Snow Camo Rash Guard – Size Large

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The Vandal Kimonos Snow Camo Rash Guard can be purchased HERE



The vandal kimonos rashguard has a black body with the neck cuff and left sleeve having a sublimated snow camo design. The torso is slightly longer to prevent ride up and is a little tighter on the bottom hem to further aid in stopping ride up.

It’s of thicker material so it’s a bit warmer than some rash guards, but thinner than others at the same time. The 80/20 blend of

It says it’s made of flex tech, not sure what that means really. Maybe it’s a better version of material that prevents ride up all around the product? Normally rash guards tend to ride up in the arm sleeves, arm pits and body.


Fit & Rolling Performance

I like my rash guards to be a little bit loose, I know they’re supposed to “compress” and help your muscles but all I really use them for is protection against the mat cooties and partners sweat.

This is no different, I got the Large so it would be a looser fit. The length of the sleeves are great and while rolling the body or sleeves don’t ride up. The armpits also don’t bunch up and feel uncomfortable.

It’s surprisingly even a comfortable roll wearing this under a kimono. I usually don’t wear anything under my gi due to said bunching and rid up but I actually don’t mind wearing this one in Gi class due to the fact it doesn’t ride up.



Vandal has a quality rash guard and it’s slightly cheaper ($49 USD) than a lot of more well known companies that are releasing rash guards at this time.(most are around the $60 mark) It definitely serves it’s purpose for protecting your skin and has a good design to it.

I’ve washed and dried this rash guard like I do all my other ones and I see no balled up spots in the material that some guards get after drying so that’s a big plus. Hopefully that means this rashie will last a long time, I’ve already had it for quite some time now and it’s still looking like I just bought it.

Vandal has quality kimonos and now, quality rash guards as well. Give them a peep and if you’re from Hawaii and like supporting local companies, definitely check them out.

The Vandal Kimonos Snow Camo Rash Guard can be purchased HERE

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