Vandal Kimonos Pro G4 – A1

Vandal Kimonos Pro G4 – A1

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Vandal Kimonos Pro G4 Review

The Vandal Kimonos Pro G 4 comes in a white ripstop bag (Black ropes), features well screened printing on both sides and it’s your standard backpack style of bag.

You can purchase the Vandal Kimonos Line HERE

First Impressions

When pulling the kimono out of the bag I noticed it’s not like most gi’s coming out right now.

No contrast stitching and it has shoulder/lapel patches.

It’s nice to have that “classic” kimono look and hopefully it has the same construction and quality that the kimonos of past have been so notorious for. I’m stoked on the look and I can’t wait to see how it holds up.


  • Good Fit
  • Great Collar
  • Solid Construction
  • Minimalist Design
  • Knee pads are good length


  • Jacket skirt stretches
  • Higher price tag than I think it should be

Jacket Details

  • White with No Contrast Stitching
  • 450 GSM Pearl weave
  • One piece / no back seam
  • EVA Foam collar
  • Ripstop covered lapel and inner reinforcements
  • Custom inner taping



Pants Details

  • White with No Contrast Stitching
  • Lightweight 10oz. ripstop
  • Pearl weave gusset
  • 8 Point loop system
  • Custom inner taping



Jacket Overview

The classic no contrast stitching is nice, but is contrasted with patches on each shoulder and one lapel patch. The lapel patch only varies from the shoulder patches from the text that reads above and below the VK logo. From a short distance they look almost identical. Identical from afar.

The only embroidery on the jacket is two small VK logos (one on each arm) and small text between the shoulder blades on the back of the gi that reads “Vandal Kimonos”. The small text is the only thing on the back of the jacket.

Inside the jacket there is a sublimated piece of slick fabric in the neck yoke area that has multiple red and black lines stacked on each other. I don’t believe it is for anything other than design. A grey/black standard sized company tag is also here as well.

The sleeve cuffs are triple stitched and have a non scratchy red taping that reads “VK VANDAL KIMONOS PRO G4 SPEC”. This same taping is also seen on the inside/bottom of the jacket skirt. Said jacket skirt is triple stitched and has ripstop material on the outside of the jacket.

The collar is a thicker than normal EVA Foam collar and is ripstop lined with a normal sized company tag on the bottom of the lapel. Even though there is no contrast stitching, upon looking closely you can tell the stitching is straight and there are no hiccups. Rare that you find that.

Standard triangle reinforcement in the side split of the skirt, which is lined with ripstop on both the split and the triangle.

The armpit is triple stitched and features no added reinforcement material.


Pants Overview

White ripstop pants, white stitching, eight belt loops, knee pads that are long enough to protect your knees, and a pearl weave gusset.

On the left thigh there is another patch like the one featured on the lapel and on the right thigh there is a VK logo embroidered.

The eight point loop system reminds me of the Inverted Gear kimono only the Pro G 4 outside belt loops are longer and feel more durable/thicker of material.

Standard triangle reinforcements in the crotch with triple stitching and the side splits have the ripstop square surrounding the split.

In the top of the pants on the inside around the waist, there is the same taping as the jacket. The triple stitched pant cuffs also feature this red taping.

IMO, the back of the pants waist sits a lot higher than most pants at almost a full two inches. This should make for a great fitting waist.



Fit & Rolling Performance



As you can see, when standing perfectly loose the sleeves look extremely short, but when my arms are outstretched they’re not too short to pass inspection. I’m not exactly sure how that works out but it does.

The pants are of shorter length which is perfect for me. It’s loose enough in the thighs to where it’s not restricting but it’s not so loose that it’s easily grabbed. The same goes for the jacket as well. I have plenty of room in the shoulders to move freely.

Since the front of the pants hangs so much lower than the front I feel that they fit better. They don’t ride up but don’t come down easy either.


When rolling, the only that could be construed as negative would be that the jacket skirt stretches a bit. The sleeves or pants don’t stretch at all but the skirt does. I’ve never noticed this on a kimono before but it’s not necessarily a bad thing ya know? I love using my own lapels for chokes and this makes it easier. I asked the owner about it and he said that he hasn’t heard, or seen anything like that before.



Final Conclusion

At $159 the Vandal Kimonos is a solid mid to high range priced gi. I think since it’s so minimalist that it could be a little bit cheaper but it has stood up to some rigorous training. The quality so far is outstanding and is on par if not better than, higher priced brands that I’ve come across.

Since Vandal isn’t a widely known company and I really liked the gi right out of the box, I wanted to put it through a heavier than normal schedule just to see how it would hold up. I held on to this one a little bit longer than others.


The only thing that I would change aesthetically with this gi are the patches on the jacket. Since they all look identical from a short to long distance, I would either A) Remove the shoulder patches or B) remove the lapel patch. IMO it would look better that way and since the patches are indeed easily removable, I shall be doing that.

Structurally I would want to fix the skirt stretching when rolling hard but like I said above I wouldn’t exactly call that a bad thing and in dire need of “fixing”. Some people might not like it, some might. Personal preference really.

The Pro G4 didn’t disappoint in my opinion and I recommend you check them out and grab one before they’re gone as they do state they are limited edition. I’m told a newer model is in the works so hopefully they’ll take this as constructive criticism and touch up on a couple of very small things. We’re finishing up our review on their snow camo rash guard as well!!

You can purchase the Vandal Kimonos Pro Line HERE

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