Triangle Athletics Brooklyn Gi

Triangle Athletics Brooklyn Gi

Triangle Athletics Brooklyn Gi Review (A2)

Here we are with a Triangle Athletics gi review of their new Brooklyn kimono. Triangle Athletics is a brand new company and is releasing their gi on Friday, the 12th of September. We were lucky to snag one about a month prior to the release and give a review to coincide with the initial launch. Here is our thoughts!!!!

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Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Pearl weave
  • White w/ black contrast
  • Sublimated rash guard lining
  • Woven taping

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Pants Details

  • 10 oz Ripstop
  • White w/ Black contrast
  • Six belt loops
  • Black braided drawstring

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Quick Review

Triangle Athletics is giving you a high quality, minimalistic design that is IBJJF approved but also has extra features like a rash guard lining in the jacket and pearl weave knee pads/gusset in the pants.

If you’re not a fan of rash guard lined kimonos, this gi also comes in a model that does not have a lining but still has the pant features. 

The 450 pearl weave is rough at first, but slowly softens up with a few washes. The top is slightly heavier feeling due to the rash guard lining and of course is a bit warmer than normal kimonos, but while most rash guard lined gi’s are lined all over the inside, this one features a unique cut to it (See pictures for cut pattern)

The lining is stitched on but also has a layer of glue that is supposed to hold it down. Unfortunately after a few washes the glue dissolves and it no longer holds the fabric down. This is OK in my opinion due to other rash guard lined kimonos I’ve seen that don’t have glue holding them down and hasn’t effected the longevity of the gi.

There is some fraying along a few seams on the jacket and pants, I took a lighter to most of them and they stopped fraying immediately but I did leave one or two seams unburned so I could show the fraying.

The pants are 10 oz ripstop and are a more roomier cut than other trousers we’ve encountered. At first they were very large but after the first wash they shrank up a bit to give a better fit. Still roomy, but not as roomy as before washing a few times.

I was a little concerned with sizing at first, but like I said above the kimono did shrink up nicely with cold wash/hang drys. It seems to have stopped shrinking and the measurements for post washes will be below. Me being 5’9 and 175 at the time of this review, the kimono fits loose, but not too loose, and is very breathable even with the lining.

As for contacting the owner, Desi has been more than accessible even before he had any product ready. We’ve been conversing back and forth for a while with general banter and any questions I’ve had he’s answered in a timely fashion. For a start up company that is a crucial aspect and was not missed here.

Even with the slight fraying of some seams, I think the price point is solid with the rash guard lined kimono being $160, and $120 without the lining. Should I have to take a lighter to the seams? In all honesty no I shouldn’t but Desi checked a few other gi’s and there were no signs of fraying.

If you’re looking for a new company to try out then give Triangle Athletics a shot, I believe they have a model for both the minimalistic and stylish of tastes in grapplers and at competitive price points.


All the links are below as well as the super detailed review, so viddy well grapplers!!!!

Triangle Athletics gi review



  • Minimal design
  • Rash guard lining
  • Rough outer materal
  • Looser fit



  • Rash guard lining is warm


Weight Of Kimono: 4lbs


Where to buy


$160 with lining

$120 without lining









More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The Brooklyn gi comes in a two color, vinyl bag that has a snap enclosure. There is the Triangle Athletics logo screen printed on the back side, while the front is clear and see through.


Triangle Athletics gi review


Jacket Details

The Brooklyn gi top is constructed of 450 GSM pearl weave with a sublimated rash guard lining.


It is white in color and has a black contrast to it. The embroidered logos on the arms, side split material, woven taping, and stitching are all black in color.


The EVA foam collar is wrapped in ripstop material, is of medium thickness, and measures slightly over 1.75″ wide. The stitching on the most visual part of the collar (facing outward) is considerably straight, but does stray a little bit on the inside of the collar as do most gi’s.


There is also a brand tag on the bottom of the left lapel (as most gi’s have). The difference with this one is that is says the size of the kimono.


The sublimated inner lining is made of four way stretch rash guard material and has an abstract, triangular geometric pattern with various shades of grey. The lining stops at the the chest seam and doesn’t run all the way inside and down the arm like a lot of rash guard lined gi tops do. The neck yoke, side split rectangle, and arm pit reinforcement material are all on the outside of the lining as well.



There is one spot of branding on the outside of this kimono top.


1. On each sleeve, in the outer bicep region, there is the Triangle Athletics logo embroidered. They both measure 3.5″ tall x 3.75″ wide.


The embroidery on this is interesting. There is an outline seam on the outer logo, but also an outline seam around the ” T ” as well. The rest of the logo is a lowered threading. The pictures will show what I’m trying to explain.


The inner taping that runs along the bottom of the jacket skirt and inside the sleeve cuffs all measure .75″ high and is a woven, non scratchy taping (in most places) and is also not folded over.


On the sleeve taping, there is an added layer of cotton underneath the taping and both of them are secured by two rows of black stitching.


The skirt taping feels padded and is noticeably higher than the sleeve taping. This is in part due to the inner lining being folded and tucked under the taping. It has no real bearing on the gi so far, but I did feel as if I should note it.


The inside neck yoke is made of a reversed pearl weave and while its usually one piece, this one is made of two pieces sewn together.


There is a black, woven brand tag on the neck yoke that measures just below 4.5″ wide by just under 2.5″ tall. It has a the Triangle Athletics Logo, size, and respect the technique. Triangle Athletics, and design inspiration from Brooklyn, NY written on it. It is secured by one row of black stitching and is not folded over. Barely scratchy in a few places but not that noticeable.


As for reinforcements, they are your standard that you will see on most kimonos. Double stitched cuffs, triple stitched arm sleeve/chest seam, and a small oval piece of pearl weave material for the arm pit reinforcement. The side split reinforcement varies between gi companies but you will either see a triangle or a square/rectangle reinforcement. The Brooklyn gi has the rectangular reinforcement in a white ripstop fabric.


On some of the seams in the gi, there was fraying along the edges but a quick trip with a lighter has secured them from fraying further. Pictures above.


triangle athletics gi review

Pants Details


The Brooklyn pants are made of a medium thickness 10 oz drill cotton and have a black contrast to them. They’ve taken a minimalistic approach for reinforcements, being the only reinforcements are the crotch/seam reinforcement and the triple stitched inseam/gusset line.


There are six black belt loops that secure the slightly stretchy black, braided drawstring rope that keeps the pants together. The drawstring is like your normal one, a knot at the end and is melted to help ensure it doesn’t come undone.


Each belt loop measures 1.5 cm wide by 5.3 cm high. I can fit my index and middle finger comfortably inside of them with a little room to spare. The belt loops are made of ripstop material. The outer loops are bunched together.


The pants also feature a pearl weave gusset and knee pads.  The Pearl weave gusset is triple stitched and has a small triangle on both the crotch and seat connect point.


The pearl weave knee pads measure 12.5″ long and stop 8″ before the pant cuff.


There is no branding or decoration on the pants.


The pant cuffs feature the same taping as the top with the same measurements.







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