Tatami Fightwear Zero G v3 Gi Review

Tatami Fightwear Zero G v3 Gi Review

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The Tatami Fightwear Zero G v3 is being coined as “one of the lightest BJJ GI’s on the market“. Weighing in at only 1.5 kilos (3.3 lbs) it is one of the lighter gi’s on the market. At first pickup though, it doesn’t feel any lighter than other gis to me.

The 475 GSM jacket is slightly higher than the popular 450GSM jackets that have been coming out, and the 11 oz ripstop pants are again slightly higher than the 10 oz ripstop’s that are more commonly found. Somehow though, this gi is two ounces lighter than a 450gsm/10 oz combo that normally weighs in at 3.5 lbs.

I bet this guy knows why…


Boasting a black base color with light blue trim and contrast, the Zero G v3 does give off a “wow” factor at first glance. I’m pretty excited to try this and more from Tatami ever since we first reviewed one of their products, the Estilo 4.0 (you can view that here)



Jacket Details

  • 475 gsm Pearl weave
  • Rubberized collar
  • Tapered fit
  • Black w/ blue contrast
  • Woven patches
  • 10oz Cotton stitching

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Pants Details

  • 11 oz Ripstop cotton
  • Double reinforced
  • Diagonal stitching on knee area
  • Woven patch
  • 10oz Cotton stitching

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Quick Review


Tatami Fightwear  is one of the leaders of the ever growing BJJ Gi industry. It’s hard to stay consistent and in the top percentage, but Tatami has proven themselves again with this release. The Zero G v3 is obviously the third model in the Zero G line and is a sturdy, IBJJF approved kimono that will make a great daily trainer AND competition gi (for some, not all). Throw in the fact that I’ve put this kimono in the dryer every time I’ve washed it and it still looks as good as it does, only further cements my opinion.

While the description from Tatami Fightwear reads “tapered fit”, for me the Zero G v3 is a bit on the looser side even at 5’9 and 170-175 lbs. I don’t mind that as I prefer a looser fitting gi to train in but I wouldn’t use this gi in a competition. For me there is just too much extra material to grab on to. The skirt is rather long as well but if you like to use your lapel for chokes then it won’t bother you at all.

As said before though, the fact that I can throw this gi in the dryer and it won’t shrink anymore than it already has is a huge plus. I normally hang dry my gi’s so it’s a nice luxury for me. Speaking of throwing it in the dryer, it hardly stretches out while rolling, even though it was fairly long at first opening.

I found one small blemish on the kimono, it was on the inside of the pants. It shows no structural weakening at all but it should be noted that the blue fabric on the inside of the pant side split wasn’t folded over properly on either side. Purely aesthetic as the stitching was on point for the side split fabric and is secured well. Just wanted to note that blemish.

The price is superb for the Zero G v3 though, at a mere $130 for the black one it’s virtually a steal at this price and is a generally lower price than a lot of BJJ Gi’s that are on the market today. All things aside, I truly believe that this kimono is a definite pick up for anyone who likes style mixed with durability in their kimono. Tatami Fightwear has definitely done a great job with this gi.


  • Durable
  • Constructed well
  • Roomy
  • I can throw it in the dryer!!!!



  • Long at first
  • Roomy
  • Longer skirt than I’d like

The last one isn’t necessarily a “con” per say, but more so my opinion. Some like longer skirts, some don’t.


Weight Of Kimono:  3.3 lbs/1.5 kilos (as per TFW website)


Where to buy

Tatami Fightwear
MMA Warehouse


White – $123.21 INC VAT
Black – $129.60 Inc VAT

That includes the men’s & Women’s versions of the Zero G v3





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More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The Tatami Fightwear Zero G v3 comes in a backpack style double drawstring bag that is made of a slick nylon ripstop material. The back of the bag is a solid black while the front is a two color combination of black and blue that is separated by a small white piping material. There is a Light blue/black woven Zero G v3 patch sewn on to the black portion of the bag with a single stitch. Two metal grommets are on the bottom corners, holding the drawstring down.


Jacket Details

The 475GSM Zero G V3 jacket is black in color with Aqua Blue contrast and has all your standard reinforcements in a kimono top. Triple stitched arm/chest seam, armpit cloth, rectangle side split made of pearl weave, and a neck yoke made of pearl weave. Structurally sound in every way that I can find.


The Aqua Blue color really makes the stitching pop so it’s easy to identify the weak points in the stitching. All stitching on the kimono top that I can see, is done well with the exception of a few naughty spots in the collar which will be addressed later in the review.


As for taping, the Zero G comes equipped with a woven taping on the outside of the skirt and is sewn on with two rows of stitching. The taping is not folded over and is scratchy in a couple of places but those places aren’t ever used nor really felt while rolling or drilling.

The inside taping of the sleeve cuffs though is folded over and is not scratchy at all. It is also secured by two rows of blue stitching. The design is of the taping is based on the patches that are on the kimono, minus the V3 part.


The collar on this kimono is of normal thickness and is slightly firmer than a lot of gis. The stitching is mainly straight all through the inside and out but does have some overlapping stitches in a few places. The brand tag on the bottom of the collar is woven and reads “ZERO G v.III BY Tatami Fightwear 100% quality cotton for the discerning Jiu-Jitsuka”.

One thing of note is the small numbered tag on the inner right side of the lapel close to the bottom. I’m not exactly sure what this number means but I’ve been seeing it on a few companies now. This number is “19”.


There are two woven patches, one on each shoulder and are sewn on by two rows of stitching and also go under the collar. They measure 26.5 cm long before it goes under the collar, and 4.5 cm high. This has been seen on the Estilo 3.0 by Tatami and was frowned upon by those who wanted to remove the patches as it was a painstakingly slow process to remove them. I like the look of the patches so they’ll stay on.


The brand tag on the inside of the neck area is a woven tag, but is only folded over on the outside edges…not the top and bottom. It’s a weird combination and I’m curious if all are like this or just mine?


There is only one piece of embroidery on the jacket, below the collar on the back of the kimono is reads “ZERO-G” in the same aqua blue color as the contrast to the gi. There aren’t any breaks in the stitches and is done well.


Pants Details

The 11oz ripstop pants are soft, but stiff at first. After a few washes and dries though they’ve definitely softened up. There hasn’t been much fading from the constant use of the dryer and I’ve seen zero evidence of the ripstop weakening as well. The Aqua Blue contrast and stitching really pops against the 11 oz black ripstop pants.  I’ve seen no mishaps in stitching anywhere on the pants and all seem to be straight as an arrow. Some people complain about ripstop pants that you can’t feel you’re wearing them. With these though you know you’re wearing them. They’re not heavy, but definitely not the light feeling that some describe with typical ripstop.


There is one woven patch on both thighs of the pants, measuring 17cm long by 4.5cm tall.  It is secured by two rows of the same blue stitching as the rest of the pants. The edges are not folded over but more so feel like a melted edge, it’s not abrasive to the person wearing the gi and I’ve not had any reports of abrasiveness from the training partner.


The stretchy rope is black in color and stays tied in a double knot. With most drawstrings I’ve found the double knot is the most secure way to ensure your pants don’t fall down, this one is no exception. The rope goes through four aqua blue colored belt loops that are large enough to fit the index and middle finger through. They measure 1.1 cm wide by 5.3cm high.


The side splits are reinforced with an aqua blue drill cotton cloth and are secured tightly. The only problem I see with this is on the inside of the pants where the triangle makes a point. The material wasn’t folded over properly and is overlapping. I see no weak point in this as the material is still stitched on properly, it’s just an oversight by the manufacturer.


The knee design are interesting as I’ve only seen one other company make this shape.

From the inseam wrapping around the leg it forms a shield type of design. From the front all you can see is an angled shape. The double knee lining DOES NOT go all the way to the base of the pants as stated in other reviews, they fit the design of the front stitching and stop there.

In the measurement chart above, since there is a slant for the knee pad I measured from the middle of the slant and went down from there to give a more accurate measurement. That is the measurement you will see.

The knee pads are made of doubled over ripstop material. They give an OK amount of cushion to the knees but nothing substantial.


The zero g taping is the same woven taping as the jacket and is secured by two rows of tight blue stitching. The edges are folded over quite nicely are there is zero scratchiness to them.



Tatami Fightwear’s measurements. My original measurements were slightly off from this by about 1 cm


zero g v3










After numerous wash and hot dry cycles.




In measurement “E” on the pants, since the knee pad is at an angle, I measured from the middle of the slant and went down from there to give a more accurate measurement. They DO NOT go to the base of the pants as stated in other reviews.


If I had to pin point a gi that is like this one in terms of fit and durability, I would say Tatami’s own Estilo 4.0 would be the best guess. It’s slightly larger of a cut than the Estilo 4.0, not by much though IMO.



Tatami Fightwear Zero G v3 Review

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