Tatami Fightwear Spring Apparel 2014

Tatami Fightwear Spring Apparel 2014

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Tatami Fightwear Spring Apparel Collection

Tatami Fightwear gave us some of their bjj tees collection that they just released to have a look at.

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The packaging is some of the best in the business that I’ve come across so far. The printed logos on the bags is flawless.

I like how Tatami Fightwear put the handle on the top of the bag, and the re-closeable flap on the bottom. It’s a fairly nice combination that adds a nice touch to the shirts and gives the entire package a more professional look.


Tatami has a nice mixture of flamboyant and classic designs in this range of shirts. From the classic styling of the Fight Co. and Always Jiu Jitsu shirt to the Samurai Panda and Jiu-Bacca, I believe Tatami Fightwear has a design that is in range of everyone’s tastes in BJJ T-Shirts.


The screen printing is done exceptionally well and there are no cracks in them so far after multiple washes AND dries. I know most people say to hang dry your shirts but I don’t want to do that. I wanna see how they hold up to warm washes and hot drys. They’re doing awesome as of today.


Most of the shirts are also of medium to heavy weight depending on shirt. The Samurai Panda shirt is a little heavier and also features a seam taping along the back of the neck. I’m not sure what the exact reason is for this, I’ve only seen it on one other shirt (the Manto Muerte shirt)


Samurai Panda Hoodie

This hoodie is amazing. It’s so soft and comfortable I could wear it all year round. I would be extremely hot during the summer time so I won’t, but I could.

The attention to detail is outstanding. From the added seam tape on the back of the neck to the branded grommets you can tell that Tatami has left no stone unturned in terms of quality.

I’m not exactly sure what type of fabric is on the inside of the hood, but it’s fantastically soft.

Fight Co. Shirt


Takedown Crew Shirt


Always Jiu Jitsu Shirt


Art of the Finish Shirt


The Black Belt Shirt


Cross Belt Shirt


Jiu-Bacca Shirt


Samurai Panda Shirt


Tatami Fightwear is known for their quality kimonos and no gi lines. With this apparel though I think they’re in the race for the the ever changing top spot for BJJ inspired clothing. They sit a little higher on the price spectrum depending on shirt, but they’re also coming from the UK so take that into account. As of today (7/9) the price for these shirts is $32.01 with the exception of the Samurai Panda shirt, which is $39.99.





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