Tatami Fightwear Matrix Shorts Review

Tatami Fightwear Matrix Shorts Review

Tatami Fightwear Matrix Shorts (Size 32)

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Quick Review


The Tatami Fightwear Matrix shorts are not only stylish, they’re also some of the best made shorts I’ve seen in a while. The sublimated design is high quality and there isn’t a place on the shorts that is blurry or not printed well. The fabric is slightly stretchy in all directions and the gusset features an even more flexible and stretchy, black spandex material. The material is also slightly heavier and thicker than other sublimated shorts I’ve come across. They’re not “bog you down heavy”, but they’re not so light that you feel they would rip either.


The inside of the waistband has that grippe material that we first saw in their Tatami Estilo 4.0 pre production models. It’s not harsh on the skin and does a great job at keeping the shorts in place while rolling. Definitely prevents ride up while rolling.


The Velcro enclosure measures 21.5 cm long and has some ridiculously strong Velcro that is double stitched on all sides. There is also a strap of white fabric taping on the inside of the leg cuff that measure 1.75″ and has a double stitch all the way around it. The leg cuff also features a nice braided piping that runs along the bottom of the leg cuff/side split area that is tucked underneath the taping on the inside.


The entire short is double stitched around except on the butt seam which is triple stitched. The drawstring is not your typical braided drawstring and is very puffy/squishy. This isn’t a drawback though as it stays tied ridiculously well. If I could compare the drawstring to anything on the market now I would say the Flow Kimonos Pro Series 3 drawstring for their pants is the best comparison. Great addition to shorts if you rely on the drawstring for a tighter fit.


Overall I would say the Tatami Fightwear Matrix shorts are well worth the price of $56.o1 (USD) but I’m not sure if they’re IBJJF legal due to them not being straight black. I thought I saw JT Torres wearing them in a tournament but I can’t find the picture anymore to prove that. If you like the design and like Tatami Fightwear, then you might as well pick up the Matrix shorts because you will not be disappointed in the quality.



  • Extremely well made
  • Sublimated
  • Great Velcro enclosure



  • none


Rolling Performance

The shorts were fantastic to roll in. The snug fit on my thighs/crotch area wasn’t restricting and actually allowed more movement if that makes sense. The material stretches great and moves with the body well. The top of the Velcro enclosure didn’t have any excess Velcro poking up to dig into my skin while balled up in turtle or inverting.




While there are a lot of sublimated shorts on the market with stretch fabric, these seem to be made a lot better than others with the weight and thickness of the material, the reinforcements, and the overall quality of the stitching.



Where to buy

The main Tatami Fightwear website is the best place to purchase these shorts.

$56.01 INC VAT is the price and is on par with other short companies.







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