Tatami Estilo 4.0 review – A2

Tatami Estilo 4

Tatami estilo 4

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Tatami is releasing their Estilo 4.0 soon and I was one of the lucky ones to get the opportunity to review the gi. As a matter of fact, I actually got the chance to review the blue and black model. I was sent the black model at first and it had some problems with stitching and quality issues so I emailed Gareth at Tatami addressing the problems and he said and I quote:

“I think it will be best if we send you a new Gi for review as we have just found out that these errors were on a few of the review samples. They will be fixed in the production model. We stand by our products 100% and would not be happy with anyone including a review customer having a sub standard kit.”

So he sent me out the blue model as well to review. I then stated that I would have to note that this was in fact the second gi. He understood and reassured me that the problems with the black gi would be fixed on the final production model and we could expect the same outstanding quality that Tatami is known for.

I don’t know what that says to you but to me that’s some pretty good customer service. Even though I am a reviewer, I’m still a customer and he wants me to be happy with the gi.

One of the main new features of the gi will sadly not be on the final production model though, due to Tatami needing more time for research and development of the new feature. I will weigh my thoughts on this and everything else about the gi below.

First Impressions

IMG_1597 copy

A lot of companies are switching to this type of bag, The double shoulder backpack. I think it’s great and way more comfortable than the shoulder sling type.

Tatami Estilo

At first glance how can you not really love the look of this gi? Blue with grey contrast stitching and orange logos. It’s a very sleek design and looks great together!!! Tatami Estilo 4

Jacket Details

  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Blue in color
  • Grey Contrast Stitching
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Embroidered logos
  • Inside seam taping
  • Bottom of skirt taping

Tatami Estilo

Design of Jacket

 Tatami EstiloAs you can see the Tatami logo is embroidered on the Lapel and the right shoulder

Tatami EstiloThe back of the jacket has the Estilo logo embroidered in orange and grey, centered on the upper back between the shoulders

Tatami EstiloCloser look at the Estilo Logo

Tatami EstiloTatami logo on the right shoulder

Tatami EstiloTatami logo on the lapel

Tatami EstiloTaping along the bottom of the skirt reads Tatami with the Estilo logo next to it.

Tatami EstiloInside reinforcement of the side split and skirt of the jacket

Tatami EstiloInside look at the Estilo Tag, very clean but fancy as well.

IMG_1617 copyTaping along the inside of the sleeve

Here is where Tatami added in some extra detail that not many would appreciate

IMG_1619 copy

Here is some shoulder reinforcement, but the detail is they added it and stitched it AFTER they embroidered the Tatami logo on the sleeve. The only slight defect on it is though you can see to the left they stitched the left side under the shoulder reinforcement. It’s not a big deal though because it’s purely cosmetic and it doesn’t come up at all when pulled on it.

You can also see they added in the same seam tape running along the chest as the bottom of the skirt and sleeve opening along the inside of the jacket! Great feature not many companies do and it’s also quadruple stitched on there.

IMG_1620 copy Back side

IMG_1610 copySpeaking of the seam tape, it is a little crooked in some places but it’s still doing it’s job protecting the seam. Although there is some fuzzies above it on the shoulder reinforcements.

IMG_1612 copySome armpit reinforcement for ya! It’s stitched on in blue stitching so you can’t see it on the outside! I thought I was the only one who wanted that in a jacket!!!

Jacket Conclusions


The jacket is sound structurally and has a great design to it despite the slight cosmetic issues that I mentioned above. Given the feedback of the Estilo 3.0 and the patches it had though I’m not sure how some will react to the embroidery of the 4.0.

I for one don’t mind them being embroidered as long as they’re sewn correctly and aren’t grossly over sized. Tatami Estilo 4

Pants Details:

  • 12 Oz cotton
  • Blue in color
  • Grey contrast stiching
  • Five belt loops
  • Rope Drawstring
  • Rubber insert around the waist


Design of Pant

IMG_1621 copyIMG_1626 copyAs you can see here, the back of the pants rides considerably higher than the front. Great construction there.

IMG_1622 copy

Nice design for the sizing tag on the pants

pantslogoClean embroidery for the logo on the pants

IMG_1623 copyEstilo logo on the right pant leg

IMG_1624 copyThe knee pad goes from about mid thigh all the way to the bottom of the pants to ensure you get protection

IMG_1625 copyInside taping on the pant cuffs

IMG_1627 copy


IMG_1628 copy

More pictures of the rubber insert

IMG_1629 copyClose up of the insert

insideoutpantsInside out view of the pants, triple stitched from the top of the pants all the way through the gusset and down the legs

Pants Conclusion

 The pants are nice and tailored to my liking. Standard reinforcements all throughout the pants.

I’m not huge on pants but when I find a pair of pants I like I really like them. These are some pants I’m really liking especially the rubber insert! The length is dang near perfect for me, I’ll dry them to take them up a tad more for my ultimate liking though.

The embroidery on the leg is done nice, and all of the stitching is straight as well as the reinforcements being done correctly.

Top notch pants from Tatami!

Fit of gi

Remember guys, this is after a few weeks of washing and drying. It had around one more inch in the sleeves/pants. The pants shrank a bit more than the sleeves but nothing too serious or out of the ordinary.

As you can see below, the fit of the gi is perfect for me. It’s a great competition fit and not too loose. The jacket is a little long for my taste but I’m starting to use lapels more and more so it’s working out for me.

I like the length of the pants and sleeves as they’re legal but are a bit shorter than normal.

IMG_3591 copyIMG_3595 copyIMG_3592 copyIMG_3594 copyIMG_3593 copyIMG_3596 copy

As you can see on the pants I didn’t experience the bunch up like a few of the other reviewers did. They fit like normal pants for me. *shrugs*

Rolling Performance

I’ve been rolling in this gi for the past few weeks and for me this gi is soft and not restricting at all. For my partners though not so much. They’ve said it’s rough and sucks horribly for them as they’re being cross faced 🙂

I’m gonna chalk that up to it being a new gi as most gi’s are rough when you first use them and eventually soften up.

The rubber insert on the pants keeps my pants from moving around and me having to retie my string after every roll. Even in a double knot most pants become loose and you have to retie them. I believe the rubber insert is a great addition to the pants and I hope that Tatami can perfect this so everybody can enjoy this extra feature!!!!!

Difference of the 3.0 from the 4.0???


There isn’t a ton of difference between the two but what sets them apart is definitely noticeable. I’ve looked at other sites for reviews on the 3.0 and found out the differences, Let us take a gander shall we?

Starting with the bag you can see the difference in style and design as the 3.0’s bag was a shoulder sling and the 4.0 is the backpack style.

The 3.0 has patches on the lapel, shoulders, and legs where as the 4.0 is all embroidered in these locations.

The 3.0 had inside trim on the jacket skirt, sleeve and pant cuffs. The 4.0 has outside trim on the bottom of the jacket, inside the sleeve and pant cuffs, and the inside seam of the middle of the jacket.

The 3.0 has only four belt loops. Five belt loops are on the 4.0.

The biggest difference from the 3.0 to the 4.0 was the rubber insert along the waist of the pants but that is no longer on the Estilo 4.0. Hopefully on the 5.0 though.

Final Conclusions

I am super appreciative of Tatami giving me the opportunity to review their product and am no way affiliated with them. All of these opinions are mine and haven’t been influenced in any way.

This is my first experience owning a Tatami Estilo as I was always on the fence about buying one for some reason or another. I’ve read a few reviews but still just couldn’t pull the trigger on purchasing one.

With this gi I can honestly say I am a supporter of Tatami not only for their product, but for their customer service as well!!! Gareth responded in a very timely fashion and was super nice in every exchange we had.

When the Estilo 4.0 comes out I HIGHLY recommend you purchase it!!

Whether you’re a new customer or a previous one, you won’t be disappointed in the quality of the gi or the customer service that Tatami provides.

Tatami Estilo 4