Tatakai Fight Wear – Ichi Gi – A2

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I don’t know why but with this review the pictures will not come up so I will be posting a second page with pictures. My apologies – RK ***Edit**Pics for the Ichi Gi!!!!!
I was checking out the American Grappling Federations tournament schedule and I saw a company called Tatakai Fight Wear was sponsoring one of the tournaments. I was curious about who they were and checked them out on Facebook and saw they were a starting company so I asked if I could review one of their products as it would help get their name out there to the internet and also to help me get some more reviews under my belt and build my site up. Here is a little background from one of the owners of Tatakai…“We started Tatakai in late Dec 2011.  My husband, Brandon Cain, has been training jiu-jitsu for about 3 years and enjoys the sport so much that he wanted to make sure he had a way to always stay involved, even if someday he is physically unable to compete.  

Brandon started training Shingitai Ju-Jitsu and Judo back in 2009 and is a blue belt in both under Steve Scott.  He started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the spring of this year and is a three-stripe white belt under Nova Uniao black belt and 3x world champion Leonardo Pecanha.  

We’re based in Kansas City and strive to produce quality, unique gear; we hire local or up-and-coming artists to create the designs we feature on our gear.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if someone gets their gear and doesn’t love it, they can return it.” – Sarah Cain

Sites description – 450g white pearl weave kimono and 12oz ripstop pants. The kimono is made from a single piece of fabric on the back which increases duribility and all major seams have been triple-stitched. The collar is made from vulcanized rubber that resists bacteria and mold while keeping the gi lighter during training and competition. Pants have reinforced knees and triple-stitched gusset.As I pulled the gi out of the package the first thing I noticed was this was a very big A2. Bigger than a normal A2 so I figured that maybe they were using the SYR sizing chart. I put the jacket on and the sleeves came about to my wrist bone but the sleeves and body were fairly big on me so this was not another SYR template. The only gi I can compare it to would be the Ouano 99 white gi, that gi was supposed to fit me based on sizing chart but was huge on me as well.

The companies logos are quite large on the sleeves, if they were about half the size they are now it would be more pleasing to the eye. With The Dragon logo on the back I’m not a big fan of but hey, at least they’re trying by commissioning local artists for designs.Inside of the jacket

Looks as if the jacket is stained, it lightened up after washing a few times

The bottom of the skirt and side splits are lined with ripstop material, bottom skirt quadruple stitched as well as the inside cuffs of the jacket

Regular reinforcement for the side splits

As most of you know, I am fairly big on the collar and how it performs and in how thick it is. This collar is extremely thin. Almost karate gi thin. It was an unmerciful collar once someone got a hold of it. Could not break the grip even with cheater grips.

Jacket Conclusion

It’s a light gi top, strong weave. If it weren’t for the collar and the sizing issues it would be good to use.


Right out of the package I could tell these pants would be somewhat of a problem. They looked really big, paper thin and I could see through them and they looked short. Low and behold as I tried them on they were big and you could see my underwear. They looked so short because of how wide the pant legs were but they are of slightly below average pant lengths.

They are ripstop material, have a regular flat drawstring, and two belt loops.
Gi overview– It’s my opinion that they are over-charging for this gi at 130$ The fit is awkward and not for slender people. If you’re of stockier build then this gi would be best for you. I can’t count how many gi brands i’ve actually owned and used but this one would be at the bottom of the list for their starter gi. Hopefully they can build from this and make their second gi of better quality.
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