Submit One Kimonos – White w/ Red

Submit One Kimonos, Grapplers ReviewThis is the second gi that I’ve had from Submit One Clothing. (you can see our first review here) They’re a smaller brand based out of Las Vegas and are releasing smaller batches but get attention mainly from the guys in Vegas. Sim Go was a supporter of theirs for a while and I believe still is. With a price of $88 I’m surprised that they haven’t gotten more attention with the quality that they’re putting out.

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First Impressions

IMG_3643 copyAfter opening the box and pulling the gi out of the clear package I was impressed. White material with red contrast all around.
Super sharp looking gi and I couldn’t wait to wash it and go train. I mean I’ve seen white gi’s with red contrast stitching before and I was really wowed by it.

After a thorough inspection and picture taking I threw it in the wash and waited…

 Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave
  • White with Red Contrast Stitching and Logos
  • One piece, no back seam
  • EVA Foam Collar

Jacket Design

IMG_3659 copy


IMG_3660 copy

Nice and straight stitching on the collar

IMG_3662 copy

Pretty clean design

IMG_3668 copy


IMG_3673 copy

One logo on the back

IMG_3674 copy


IMG_3671 copy


IMG_3667 copy


IMG_3669 copy


IMG_3670 copy

The only negative thing on the collar stitching was right here. Inside of the collar. Its a medium thickness for a collar.

IMG_3672 copy


IMG_3666 copy

Triple stitched cuff with a medium thickness layer of cotton strip on the inside

IMG_3665 copy


IMG_3664 copy

quadruple stitched skirt with a ripstop outer exterior lining

IMG_3661 copy

Jacket Conclusions

As you can see from the pictures the design of the gi is super eye catching. The red stitching and logos really stand out and makes people ask who makes that gi.

The jacket itself is made very well and is lightweight. Great for comp use or daily training. I’ve had another gi from them for a while now and it’s holding up great so I have no doubt that this one will do the same.

Pants Details

  • 10 oz Cotton
  • White with Red contrast stitching
  • 6 belt loops
  • Stretchy rope drawstring
  • Pearl weave gusset

Pants Design


IMG_3647 copy


IMG_3648 copy

6 loop system

IMG_3649 copy


IMG_3650 copy

Short knee pads, barely cover the knee.

IMG_3651 copy


IMG_3652 copy

Quadruple stitched cuffs with a medium thickness cotton strip on the inside

IMG_3653 copy

Pearl weave gusset

IMG_3654 copy

Triple stitched seams

IMG_3657 copyOne small dirt mark on the back of the pants

 Pants Conclusion

Solid pants, very lightweight and breathable. Craftsmanship on stitching is great, nothing caught my eye in terms of sub par quality. The red stitching really pops against the white material and is quite the eye catcher.

How does it fit

As you can see from the pictures, it’s a great fit for competition use. This is after two weeks of use and many washes. It shrank up quite nice.

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Rolling Performance

The gi is lightweight and doesn’t stretch out a ton while rolling hard. The pants do stretch a little bit but not a terrible amount.

The grip breaking of this gi is neutral. It’s not hard but it’s not easy at the same time if you get what I’m saying. The more you sweat and roll the harder it becomes to break in my opinion.

Movement is free and clear and there isn’t hardly any restriction. The lapel is a good length and comes out easy if you choose to remove it to choke your opponent.

Final Thoughts

Submit One Kimonos sells this gi for $88 before shipping.


That is an unbelievable price to pay for a kimono of this quality. Seriously, that is all you can say. A lot of the times the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Well this is a cheap price but you’re getting an amazing product.

Why is it so cheap? The owner Alden said that he wanted competitors on a budget to be able to afford quality product without having to give out an arm and a leg. He has completed that mission and you would honestly be a fool to not buy a gi like this for such a low price.

This is the second gi I have had from them and the first one did not disappoint me in any way. I am very confident that this one will be the same and will give me plenty of use!!!!

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