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Submit One Gi review

As i’m browsing through the BJJ Gi Market (Click here for the site) I see a company called Submit One Kimonos and a white gi with black contrast stitching and priced pretty low. Low as in $90 with FREE SHIPPING. How many gi’s out there are that price and haven’t had a discount code dropped on it? It had me pretty intrigued so I clicked on it to see what it was about.

The brand was Submit One Clothing/Kimonos. So I check out their page on face book and I see the white one with black stitching along with a blue one that had grey contrast stitching($100 with free shipping) ala batch number six from Shoyoroll. I can’t help but wonder about the company so I ask the owner for a little back story on the company and try to get some info on the gi’s themselves. (See that interview with owner Alden here)

I was very pleased with what I heard from Alden and wanted to review their kimono’s to see if the product would hold up to such strong words from the owner. Now I know what you’re thinking, “No way the owner had nothing but positive things to say about his companies product. I never would have guessed.” I wasn’t surprised at what he was saying, but upon receiving the package I was pleasantly surprised . . .

Submit One Kimonos



  • Blue 450g pearl weave with grey contrast stitching
  • One piece Top, no back seam
  • Typical reinforced stress points
  • EVA Foam Collar

The top would usually be labeled an A2 but with the trend of bigger sizes being labeled smaller it’s running with the pack at an A1.  This gi fits me perfectly in my opinion.

Very Clean back with the only logo being at the top of the jacket below the collar


Submit One logo on the back of the jacket also appears on the sleeves of the top



It’s a fairly well made jacket, light but also strong at the same time.

P&S Lightweight, S.O., Keiko Raca Limited, Ronin Insignia, Atama Single

With the collar you can see it’s slightly smaller than the P&S which makes this a standard sized collar. It’s not hard, sort of flimsy but held up in rolling well.

 The sleeve cuff reinforcement is very solid. Three tough rows of stitching over a piece of what seems to be twill cotton. The bottom skirt has four rows of stitching over a piece of the same material.


The fit is nice, not too tight in the armpits and not too loose either. Closes nice and tight as well. The skirt is a little short and comes out of the belt easily which is nothing really as the skirt will come out on every gi no matter how long or short.


  • Blue 10 oz Twill Cotton Pants with Grey contrast stitching
  • Grey Stretchy Rope drawstring
  • Pearl Weave Gusset


The pants are triple stitched all the from the crotch reinforcement down the pant leg to the cuffs

The belt loops are stitched tight, and they doesn’t seem like they won’t fall off any time soon. Stitched up high enough to where the ropes won’t cut into you.


The cuffs are quadruple stitched with a piece of twill around it.





The Fit:

The trousers fit well. I shrink my pants to where they’re above the ankle bone. These sat just below the ankle bone out of the package pre wash. They’re comfortable and light but they seem to be heavy enough to withstand hard training. I have a 31 inch waist and these need to be tightened a tad with the belt. The pants fit loose enough on the thighs to not restrict movement but not loose enough for a ton of excess material to be grabbed.


Rolling Review: The gi held up nicely, didn’t stretch out when it got damp from sweat. The collar is thick and slick enough to break grips easily. The pants were comfortable and didn’t ride up when drilling or rolling. I would give this gi an 8/10 for construction and durability based on a nice days training. I’ll give another follow up in a month or so.

Conclusion: At this moment in time, I believe that this gi is definitely on par with the quality of a Fuji, Atama, or any other brand out there. And at $90 for white, and $100 for blue these gi’s are a steal. In a few months if this gi has held up to the abuse I’ll be putting it through then I’ll definitely pick up the white one as well. – Robert

A little surprise: When opening the package I found out that Alden also sent me some shirts, patches, and stitckers!!!!

The shirts are $15 with free shipping as long as you’re in the United States. This shirt is a Medium but fits like a slimmer large.

The patches are silk screened on heavy duty fabric.

Thanks again for looking and if you want one of these gi’s hit up Alden with Submit One on facebook or on the BJJ GI Market.

Submit one gi review

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