Submit One Follow Up Review

Submit One Follow Up Review




The Submit One Gi is one of the better gi’s i’ve ran across since I’ve been training. It’s an incredible price of $88 USD and the quality and fit have been nothing but great. It’s aged well over the past 10 months and had been a go to gi for me until I started reviewing more and more.

If any one has ever had a doubt at the quality of a Submit One kimono then I suggest you take a look at the pictures above or send any and all questions my way as I can vouch for how great this gi has been. There has been no weak points in stitching, no tears or holes, and no smells have been noticed the entire time of training. It has faded as expected though, but no more than any other gi.

Like I said the gi was originally priced at $88….that is around the half the cost of most kimonos that are coming out right now!!!

The quality is superior than most gi’s out right now and in my opinion you would be missing out on a great gi that will most certainly last you quite a while. They have a white with red stitching version of this gi out now and have some new ones in the works. Do yourself a favor and check out Submit One on FB or their website to get yourself one of these great gi’s.

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