Submission Fight Company Hemp Shirts

Submission Fight Company Hemp Shirts

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Submission Fight Company Hemp Shirts

I know what you’re going to say…is it real hemp this time? Here is a report we pulled off the SubFC blog detailing what they’re made from.



Now that we’ve seen that, lets take a closer look at the shirts.



The shirts are made from a mixture of 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton and features screen printed in the U.S.A logos on medium weight shirts. At first feel, the shirts do seem a little heavy and are a bit warmer than a lot of the shirts we’ve come across but it does add a little bit of comfort making you think that they will last a long time.

The actual pictures that are screened on are done fantastically. No cracks, peels, or blotched ink so far and we’ve had these shirts for around a month or so now.

The tag’s on the inside of the shirts are also screen printed and on one of the shirts is the only drawback.

On the “If size mattered” shirt, the screen printing is cracked and coming off. It’s suggested that you don’t put your shirts in the dryer, but we don’t follow those directions and that is what happened. It kinda makes us worry about the rest of the print but so far nothing has happened. In a way I wouldn’t fault Submission Fight Company for this, but then again I have to at the same time ya know?

Depending on the situation/issue we will allow them to keep the shirt and send them a brand new one with shipping on us. That’s what we have done most of the time but sometimes we may have the customer send us the product back for us to exchange it; and so we can see the problem and show the manufacturer. – Shakib

All seams on the shirts are done well and there is no mishaps or weak stitching that we could see after all the washes and dries they’ve been through. They’re holding up well and that gives us a sigh of relief.

The large sized shirt fits us well as you can see from the pictures. We’re 5’9 and 175ish in those photos and you can see it’s not tight but it’s not loose either. Great fit in our opinion.

The one thing we don’t really like…is the price. $40 is a lot of money for a shirt and we realize that. While the shirts are of good quality (besides the inside tag on one of them) we’re not sure if we can justify the price tag.

Yes, it’s true they are $39.95 a piece without shipping. These hemp shirts cost us more than double what we pay for our organic cotton shirts; and even our cost on those are higher than the normal 100% cotton, non organic shirts you see from other companies. We also buy these direct from the USA so you will get better quality as well. – Shakib

They do however have a t shirt bundle that is three shirts for $59.95 which is a good deal (excluding the hemp and bamboo shirts though.)

Let us know what you think in the comments section below or rate the shirts.


Where to buy


$39.95 for either one of the shirts featured above. While I don’t agree with that price as this makes them one of the most expensive BJJ shirts I’ve seen (apart from a few Scramble shirts), the shirts do seem like they’re going to last for a while so take that for what it’s worth.






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Summary: The fit and design are great but the price we don't agree with. Also, the quality is good besides the one screen printed tag is cracking and peeling already.
- Design
- Fit
- Price
- Quality

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