Submission Fight Co – Hemp Sensation Rash Guard *EDITED*

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Submission Fight Co – Hemp Sensation Rash Guard

As an update to this article, it has been tested and found that Submission Fight Co products have ZERO percentage of hemp in them at all. ZERO. This test was published on 4/3/2014.

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BJJ Rash Guards are meant to protect your skin from any type of bacteria, fungus or molds such as ringworm and staff. Fortunately, our bjj rash guards do just that and more! Submission rash guards have a unique anti-bacterial and odor resistant technology that wicks away any form of moisture that builds up during your bjj training sessions. As a bonus our Jiu Jitsu rash guards are also SPF 50+ proof, so your skin will be protected wearing any Submission rash guard, even in the outdoors.

You can purchase the Hemp Sensation Rash Guard here…

Hemp Sensation

  • – 80% Hemp / 20% Lycra
  • – White With Green Contrast Stitching
  • – Sublimated Printing. Designs will never crack, peel or fade away. 
  • – Anti-Bacterial, Moisture Wicking & Odor Resistant Technology
  • – Extra Long to Prevent Ride Up
  • – SPF 50+ For Protection in Outdoor Use
  • – Long Sleeve
  • – Natural / Eco-Friendly


Hemp Sensation

Submission Fight CoNicely Sublimated logo with a grey fog around it

Submission Fight Co, Hemp SensationUnfortunately with white rash guards, most of them aren’t thick enough that you can’t see through when the color is white. This one is no exception.

IMG_3403 copyHemp Sensation in a cursive font on both shoulders

IMG_3402 copyI really do like the green contrasts all around the rash guard

IMG_3399 copy

IMG_3407 copy

On the bottom hem there is a thicker material that supposed to make the rash guard not ride up while rolling. It’s almost like a little gripper.

IMG_3406 copyPerfect stitching and strong all throughout the rash guard

IMG_3404 copyThere was a slight stain right below the neck of the rash guard. Not sure what it was but it’s slowly coming out.

I am actually having this problem with a lot of products coming out of Pakistan. Mr. Shakib has assured me though that anyone with this type of problem will get a brand new rash guard.

He even offered me a brand new one but I declined and was happy with what I have.

How does it Fit?

 The fit for me is looser in the chest and body but tighter in the arms. I’m used to wearing a looser rash guard with more room all around but this one is a fit I could get used to.

submission fight co submission fight cosubmission fight co Submission fight cosubmission fight co

Rolling Performance

It rolls good although the sleeves ride up a little bit during hard sparring. The rash guard itself doesn’t ride up though and stays down for the most part due to the extra material in the bottom seam.

It’s not thick but it’s not thin either and it breathes fairly well. I don’t get overly hot but I do cool down quickly in between rounds which is good.

Most rash guards leave you slimey afterwards after taking it off but since this one is so breathable it doesn’t leave you as nasty at the end of training.


The Hemp Sensation has a price tag of $59.95 and is among the norm for most long sleeve rash guards coming out. I don’t agree with the high price tag of all BJJ related items, including rash guards, but this is the same quality as most brands out right now.

Unless there is a drastic change I don’t see the price dropping anytime soon on products for our sport.

Would I recommend this rash guard? In all honesty yes. My experience has been good with the product and I would recommend the rash guard Submission Fight Co. has put out. I don’t agree with the price as stated before, but it’s on par with every other rash guard out in terms of quality and price point.

If you’re looking for a new rash guard and you like the design of the Submission Fight Co Hemp Sensation Rash Guard then you won’t be disappointed in it’s quality when you purchase it.

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