Submission Fight Co – Bamboo Shirts

Submission Fight Co – Bamboo Shirts

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Submission Fight Co – Bamboo (rayon) shirts

Here we are with a couple of soft as heck shirts from the Submission Fight Co. The shirts are made of 70% Rayon from Bamboo and 30% Organic cotton. They’re both made in the USA, pre-shrunk, have the tag printed on the inside of the collar, and have a slightly slimmer fit.

They’ve definitely fixed a few issues from their hemp shirts that we last saw HERE. Take a look at these shirts and let us know if you have these shirts and how you like them.


Quick Review

These shirts are fairly soft and comfortable when wearing. They feel incredibly light as well. It’s winter time here so it’s noticeably colder but I bet they feel great in the spring/summer time.

Even though it’s a size large, they are a slightly slimmer fit and is preferred when you have a body build like mine. Typically large t shirts are too boxy for me, and while mediums fit well in the body, they’re just not long enough. This is a good fit for me and is exactly how I like them. (I’m 5’9 180 right now)

The cracked/distressed screen printing is done well and aside from the obviously intentional spots of distress to the design, I see no obvious cracking anywhere else on the logo. Even the screen printed tag is staying well with no significant cracking or peeling. The screen printed tag was an issue on the hemp shirts but they’ve done well this time.

I know of a lot of people who like to roll with a shirt on under their gi or wear just a normal t shirt to a no gi class. With the shirts being as light as they are, I would not recommend you wear either one of these to a class as they will stretch out quite a bit and there is the possibility of ripping easier than a regular t shirt. Just a heads up.

Unfortunately I ran into a problem with the American Jiu Jitsu shirt. The neck started to warp on the second or third wash. I’m not exactly sure what has caused this but it’s definitely a quality concern. The rest of the shirt is fine though, no cracking of the print or anything of the sort. Just a warped neck.

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shirt has had no problems though.

The print quality and softness of the shirts are fantastic. Even though the white shirt had a problem with the neck like I do like the idea behind the shirts but like the hemp shirts I previously looked at from Submission Fight Company, I run into the problem of pricing.

Including shipping it would cost me $89.65 for these TWO shirts.

I simply do not agree with that price especially with the white one due to the neck warping. If the black one were priced lower I would have no problem recommending it but that is a lot of money for two shirts, organic materials or not. I know they’re not the most expensive shirt on the market but they are up there, my suggestion would be to wait for a sale from Submission fight co and grab them then.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Where to buy


$39.95 for either one of the shirts featured above






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