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Submission Fight Co

As an update, Submission Fight Co products have ZERO hemp in them. ZERO. This test was done and published on 4/3/2014. Results are below

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Submission Fight Co is striving to be the leader in Organic BJJ Gear. Their Hemp Sensation Gi has gotten rave reviews around the web and with their release of the Hemp Sensation Rash Guard, and the soon to be released Hemp Ecstasy Womens Gi, they are trucking along to be number one in bringing you organic BJJ Gear.

Grapplers Review sits down with Mr. Shakib Nassiri , the owner of Submission Fight Co, for a little Q &A to get some history on the brand and why they choose Hemp over Cotton.

To start this off would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and how long have you trained and where?

Hi Robert, thanks for doing the interview with me. My name is Shakib Nassiri and I have been training for about 4 years now under Jean Jeaques Machado in Tarzana, Ca.

How did you get started in Jiu Jitsu?

I got started in Jiu Jitsu like most others who saw a UFC fight on TV and noticed how a smaller guy can defeat a much larger opponent by submitting him. I knew nothing about BJJ or any martial art at the time but just wanted to learn a fighting style.

When I spoke to a cousin of mine (Reshad Noorzay) about the UFC, he told me he had been training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past few months and pretty much convinced me to start training. I then found Jean Jeaques Machado’s BJJ academy near by and have trained under the legend ever since.

Lets talk about your company Submission Fight Co., is it just you or are there co owners?

I am the sole owner of Submission Fight Co. I appreciate all the help I got from my family. Now that the SubmissionFC brand is established I have hired Chase Gould who takes care of a lot of work that needs to be done around here. So between Chase and I, we get all the work done but with some help from family and friends.

Did you have any business experience prior to Submission Fight Co?

Yes I did. Prior to starting a Jiu Jitsu brand I was in the mortgage industry. As you all know the real estate bubble burst about 5 years ago leaving me unemployed.

What made you want to start up Submission Fight Co?

Well I’m a firm believer of the saying,

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”

After training in BJJ for a few months I wanted to be employed in a career related to the sport so I could have the freedom to train Jiu Jitsu as often as I’d like. Being business minded, I somehow found a way to do so by starting my own bjj gi brand. In the beginning it was all just a dream to have my own bjj brand, be able to train as often as I’d like, and still make a decent living. Slowly but surely the brand kept building and building so I saw a very bright future for Submission Fight Co. but it was no easy task.

What was your first ever product you released for sale?

I’m not sure if it was the Submission Pearl Weave Gi or the bjj belts or both at the same time.

Are you still offering them for sale?

Our pearl weave gi model has been discontinued for a while but our BJJ belts are still selling. However we have improved on our belts a ton since our first batch and we have now made them nice and thick while still being pretty soft. We are actually in the process of creating a brand new BJJ belt material which will increase its longevity and make it many times softer than the softest BJJ belt material out there today! Made of organic materials.

How do you go about designing and creating products for Submission Fight Co.?

First a vision comes in my head. If I think my vision is worthy then I write it down and sleep on it. If I still like my idea the following day, I figure out a process on how to bring my new product idea to life. More often than not, my ideas are almost impossible to produce due to how rare of an idea it is and lack of suppliers able to produce my product ideas. This in turn, makes my job a lot more difficult as it forces me to think more creatively.

Once I figure out the path I need to take to produce the new product, I sketch out my own idea of what colors should be used and what it should look like, then hand this over to my designer to design the product. After so many revisions we agree on a specific design.

Sometimes, my vision may have not came out the way I thought it would have, in which case we stop the design process and I re-vision the idea. I would not ever release a product that I personally would not love and appreciate to wear, even if this were not my own company.

Do you have people who help you with the process?

Yes of course, I could never do this all by myself. Every idea I have I run it through Chase as well as many close family, friends & training partners. I also take and appreciate each and every feedback I get from anyone.

I sometimes post stuff on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram just to get some of our loyal customers perceptions on things. These all help in the process a great deal. Who better to receive feedback from on a new product or design idea then the customers themselves.

What influences the design you release?

The main influence is that all our new product releases are made of organic materials which help preserve the environment by going green. I like the product design and colors to resemble the organic material used.

You’ve only been around since January of 2010 but you’re already a well known company, did you immediately have success or was there some trial and errors with that?

Without a doubt there were many trial and errors along the way. I knew nothing about gi manufacturing when I first started and I pretty much learned more and more as I went a long. Even now that the Submission FC brand is established, I am still learning as there is always more to learn. I could never know everything there is about the business, just how you can never learn every single BJJ technique out there.

You’re known for the Hemp Sensation, what made you want to come out with a hemp made gi?

Hemp is naturally 4 times softer than cotton and 4 times stronger than cotton, anti microbial, anti bacterial, breathable and the list goes on and on. Not only would producing a hemp gi give our customers all these benefits but it will also help preserve the environment. This is why I created the most comfortable BJJ gi in the world, the Hemp Sensation.

Same question goes for the Hemp Sensation Rash guard.

After having released the Hemp Sensation Gi and seen all of its success throughout the world I decided to continue its success by producing the first ever hemp bjj rash guard. This was the most difficult task by far because it took me almost 3 years before I could produce this product. The biggest industry of rash guards is made by the surfing brands and still none of them have been able to produce a hemp rash guard. So I love being an innovator and proud to say I was the first person in the world to ever produce a hemp rash guard. It is much softer and more comfortable than a normal bjj rash guard, it is simply amazing!

Any plans for Hemp shorts?

Yes, I have had plans for producing hemp bjj shorts for many years now but have yet to find a quality supplier. I once found a supplier to produce me a hemp/canvas blend of shorts but I decided not to release it. The canvas made the shorts a bit rough and it was not soft and comfortable like the Hemp Sensation is known to be. I still plan on producing hemp shorts but honestly it could take many months or years before I can do so.

It says the Hemp Sensation top is Hemp fabric but the pants are a Hemp blend. What else are the pants made of?

Both the Hemp Sensation Gi top and pants are a blend of 70% hemp / 30% cotton. What most people don’t understand is that any product made of 100% hemp comes with many issues such as smelling, shedding, etc. I tested a few different blends of hemp and cotton and found that 70% hemp / 30% cotton is the ideal blend for our Hemp Sensation Gi.

Why did you decide to go organic for your products?
I know you’ve described the benefits of hemp over cotton already but is it a personal choice, do you live an organic lifestyle?

The reason I decided to go with organic materials for our bjj gear is simple. Organic materials are many times softer and many times stronger than normal cotton while helping preserve the environment, why would I ever release another cotton gi?

Yes, it is a personal choice because I would never release a product that I myself wouldn’t actually buy and be proud to wear even if this company were not mine. If SubmissionFC were not mine, I would still without a doubt have purchased a hemp gi due to its superiority to cotton and my curiosity of how hemp would feel. Even now that I train in a hemp gi, It’s really hard for me to actually put on a cotton gi and I rarely ever do. The new Bamboo Frenzy prototype gi I have tried is surprisingly a lot softer than the Hemp Sensation Gi so you’ll all be in for a treat!

Ever since I found out how awesome organic clothing is I not only am making SubmissionFC go organic, but I have made my whole lifestyle organic.

In your opinion with the market being super saturated right now, what sets your products apart from other companies?

I love this question as I am one of the very few brands that could answer this question easily without being too vague about it.

As you may know the BJJ gi market is saturated with hundreds and maybe even thousands of gi brands popping up all around the world. They all produce pretty similar gis made of cotton with pretty much different designs and all claim to be the best, It’s pretty funny actually.

Of course I wanted to be different and stand out from all other brands and give the customers what they truly want. When it comes to a BJJ gi, grapplers usually want a long lasting bjj gi that is super light, super strong and super comfortable.

But to fully answer your question, what sets our products apart from all other companies out there is the fact that we use hemp, bamboo and other organic materials for our products with all their benefits included. We produce a BJJ gi that will never tear and that is 4 times softer & 4 times stronger than cotton, while still being so comfortable that you feel like you are wearing pajamas. What more could you possibly ask for when buying a new Jiu Jitsu Gi?

I saw that you’re venturing into the women’s Gi market.

Yes, absolutely! Now that people are starting to understand how much superior our Hemp Sensation Gi is to any other cotton gi out there I decided to produce a hemp gi specifically cut for women, the Hemp Ecstasy Gi.

Your Hemp Ecstasy women’s gi looks very promising, would you care to give us some insight on it?

It will be available in sizes F1 – F5. The gi top weave will be made of a new weave we have never before used, actually making it a bit softer and more comfortable than the Hemp Sensation. It’s unbelievable the softness of this thing. We will be releasing a very limited run of these gis hopefully sometime in April.

Are they pre-order or available to ship after ordering?

These will be pre production models that will be available to the public. So if you want your hands on the first women’s hemp BJJ gi, I suggest you act quick as they will be sold out in a flash. After our limited release in April we will have a much bigger release in the coming months that we may even have a pre-order for. We will have more info when the time comes.

What are your plans for the company in 2013 and beyond? Any special projects in the works?

All I can say is expect big things! In the works we have the women’s Hemp Ecstasy Gi, Bamboo Frenzy Gi and in about 2 weeks we should be fully stocked on all our Hemp Sensation rash guards. We also have a new t-shirt line being released made of 100% Organic cotton. Our plan is simple, SubmissionFC will continue to be the leader in Organic BJJ Gear! We will only be producing products made from soft & comfortable organic materials that helps preserve the environment. We do have many other projects we are working on but I will keep this a secret for now.

Given the experience and success you’ve had with S.F.C, if you could go back and do anything over again…would you change the way you operated?

Yes, of course I would; I know so much more now than I did then. If you ask me this question 5 years from now I will say the same thing because I will know more in 5 years then I do now. I would be able to build the SubmissionFC brand much faster than I have done with the experience I have now.

Anything you’d like to tell the readers before we sign off?

I would like to thank all who supported me and the brand because this all would not have been possible without you guys. The more support I get from you guys helping spread the word about our organic BJJ gis, the more softer and comfortable our organic BJJ gis will become!  – Mr. Nassiri

There you have it people. A brand insight to one of the leaders in Organic BJJ Gear Submission Fight Co. Be sure to check out their website, Facebook, or instagram and see the latest gis, rash guards, and shirts made from organic materials!!!

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