Strike Fightwear Campeão Gi

Strike Fightwear Campeão Gi

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Strike Fightwear Gi Review – Campeão (A1L)

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As per the Strike Fightwear site –

Strike Fightwear started in late 2011 in response to the ever-increasing cost of training, namely BJJ companies who were charging hundreds of dollars for Gis.

As we all know, our Gis get put through battles on a daily basis and we rely on them as the essential tool on our journey through the ranks of BJJ. We believe gis should not only look awesome and be extremely durable, they should also be a fair price.

We will always strive to bring you the best products possible and with every product we release we learn a little more in how to improve the next one, much like BJJ this constant learning never ends but only helps to refine.



Now, on with our strike fightwear gi review of their Campeão model!!!!


strike fightwear gi review


Jacket Details

  • 475 GSM pearl weave
  • White w/ Grey contrast
  • Embroidered logos
  • Synthetic Woven Patches
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Triple stitched stress points
  • Athletic cut & fit

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Pants Details

  • 10 oz drill cotton
  • White w/ grey contrast
  • Pearl weave gusset
  • Synthetic woven patch
  • Embroidered logo
  • Updated belt loop design
  • Extended knee pads

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Quick Review

This is the first kimono we’ve received from Strike Fightwear and we’re pretty impressed with what we’ve seen. They’ve managed to make an IBJJF approved kimono that is durable, of decent weight, constructed well, and at a great price.


This gi features grey contrast, but you can also purchase it with the same designs but in a purple contrast instead. Same gi, different contrasted color way is a good idea IMO.


The Jacket and pants both were made well and I don’t see them tearing down anytime in the near future. For the price point of this gi ($134) it’s doing a good job of staying under most companies prices and still giving you a good product.


I chose the A1L based on other gi’s that i’ve gotten and were an A1L. The Strike Fightwear A1L was a little snug on me in the arm and thigh region but it’s nothing too bad. Could we pass an IBJJF inspection? At 5’9 and anywhere 170 to 180, I think it would be a little bit too tight in the bicep region for us to pass. We’ve gained some happy weight, it’s normal yeah? Don’t judge…


Now, if you were about 165 or below and lanky (and didn’t have pythons like Hulk Hogan. Just kidding….maybe) then this gi size would be great for you. At least we know now we’re an A2 in Strike Fightwear gis.


In all seriousness though, there were only a few spots of less than stellar stitching and embroidery but nothing that was excessive or comprised the construction of the Campeão. Great kimono all around in our opinion and at a fantastic price.


We’re looking forward to seeing what Strike Fightwear will release soon and what the future holds for them!!


All the links are below as well as the super detailed review, so viddy well on the rest of the strike fightwear gi review grapplers!!!!



  • Great competition fit
  • Original designs
  • Extended knee pads


  • Branding may seem excessive
  • A few less than stellar stitches


Weight Of Kimono:


Where to buy


White w/ Grey – £80 or $134

White w/ Purple – £80 or $134








More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

We’ve seen these types of bags a few times here lately.


The Campeão comes in a clear bag with a white zippered top and handle. The same circle logo with the shaka hand and the words Strike. that we’ve seen a few times on the gi is screen printed (or vinyl?) on the front of the bag.


A second bag that actually holds the kimono is also in this clear bag. It is your double drawstring, back pack style of bag that is black in color with grey drawstrings.


On the front of the black bag is a clean, screen printed image of a draw bridge and said strike fightwear logos as above. The screen print has no cracks or breaks and was done with care.



Jacket Details

The Campeão top is constructed of 475 GSM pearl weave with a grey contrast stitching. It features a thicker than average EVA foam collar that is not only slick, but firm as well.


The stitching on the collar is perfect on the outside, but does stray a little bit on the bottom row on the inside.


There are four spots of branding on the outside of this kimono top.


1. On the lower left lapel, near the side split there is a circular, smaller and synthetic woven patch that reads “The view is always best from the top of the mountain” with a modern style mountain top under neath it and the words “Campeão kimono  Strike.”  This patch measures slightly over 2.5″ all the way around and is extremely soft and stitched on proper.


2. On the left sleeve slightly above the elbow on the outer bicep, a grey embroidered tear drop design that includes the letters “SF” in white, and a white/grey circular logo with a shaka hand inside of it. It measures 4.75″ at the highest point for the teardrop, and the circle measures slightly over 3″ around.


3. This piece is the largest of branding on this top. On the right sleeve it features the same tear drop Strike Fightwear design as the left sleeve, although above it in large embroidery it has the word “Strike.” The word itself measures 9.25″ across and at the highest point is 2.5″.


4. On the back of the kimono, 2.5″ down from the collar and in between the shoulders there is an embroidered “shaka” hand that is the staple design of Strike Fightwear. It measures 3.5″ at it’s widest points, and 2.5″ at it’s highest.


Some will not like this particular style of branding, I don’t mind as a company needs to be seen especially in a market like BJJ Kimonos. You have to set yourself apart somehow right?


All embroidery for these logos is dang near perfect, I would say about 90% perfect.


The inner taping that runs along the collar, bottom of the jacket skirt, and inside the sleeve cuffs all measure roughly .75″ high and is a woven, non scratchy taping in most places, and is also not folded over. Sometimes taping like this can be scratchy but that is not the case with most spots of this particularly taping. The taping reads “ Strike. ” with a shaka hand directly after it.


The bottom of the jacket skirt, on the outside, has a layer of drill cotton that measures One inch high and is secured by four rows of grey contrast stitching.


In some spots of the taping, the stitches did come loose and start to unravel for a bump or two. Nothing catastrophic but some places are missing a thread or two.


The inside neck yoke is made of a reversed pearl weave. I see this on a lot of gi’s, but I’m not exactly sure why it’s there. Is it for aesthetics, does it play an integral part in the construction?


There is a also a grey brand tag on said neck yoke that measures 4.5″ wide by 5″ tall. It has a white circle logo with a ” shaka ” hand in it and reads the word ” Strike. ” directly below it and some small pictures showing what to do when washing and the words ” Wash cold. Hang to dry


Directly below the grey brand tag there is a small size tag. A1L


As for reinforcements, they are your standard that you will see on most kimonos. Double stitched cuffs, triple stitched arm sleeve/chest seam. The side split reinforcement varies between gi companies but you will either see a triangle or a square/rectangle reinforcement. The Campeão has the square/rectangle version.


The Campeão top was made well minus a few hiccups in stitching/embroidery. I see no structural problems that could effect the gi top.



Pants Details

The Campeão pants are made of thicker 10 oz drill cotton and have grey contrast stitching to them. There are four belt loops that secure the slightly stretchy grey, braided drawstring rope that keeps the pants together.


It is noted that the two outer belt loops are of wider material and measure 3.5″ wide by 1.5″ tall. I can only fit one finger inside of these two loops.


The two middle/inner belt loops are 2.5 in in length for the openings, and I can fit my index, middle, and ring finger inside of them. All belt loops are grey in color to match the contrast of the kimono.


The pants also feature a pearl weave gusset and doubled over cotton material knee pads that extend to the bottom of the pant cuffs. No need to worry if the pads will protect your knees here.  The Pearl weave gusset is triple stitched and has a small triangle on both the crotch and seat connect point.


There are two spots of branding on the pants.


1. On the left thigh of the pants there is a woven patch that is secured by three rows of stitching. The patch measures 8.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall and reads in dark grey letters ” SF// “, and a light grey circular logo next to it with a ” shaka ” hand on the inside.


2. On the front quad area of the pants, almost one inch above the knee pad start, is the same Shaka hand that is on the back of the kimono top.


The pant cuffs feature another layer of drill cotton that measures one inch high and is secured by five? rows of stitching. It has four rows of grey stitching, but then one row of white stitch in the middle that only shows on the inside of the cuff…not the outside.
The side split is made of grey contrast material, reinforced with two rows of stitching. Usually there is a triangle or square on the inside of the pants here but I’m noticing a trend of not having anything there. The Campeão has none here.


The pants are great construction wise, there are some small hiccups in stitching in certain spots but nothing major or out of the ordinary from most gi pants.



The fit is slightly more snug than other A1L’s that I’ve tried. Really depends on the model but as for my first Strike Fightwear Gi, I can’t really compare it to another.

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