Storm Kimonos Typhoon Ultra Lite Gi Review

Storm Kimonos Typhoon Ultra Lite Gi Review

Storm Kimonos Typhoon Ultra Lite Gi Review

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This is our Storm Typhoon Ultra Lite gi review, and the kimono is sold at but I bought mine @ MMA Warehouse because it came with a free storm rashguard and shipping. (The deal no longer applies)

After careful consideration, if you want to read a better review on this gi you can visit Dean Wellens review of this gi HERE. He goes into greater detail on not only the aspects of the collar and zero hold sleeve technology, but an overall better description.

The Typhoon Ultra Lite is made competition ready, at the cutting edge of product innovation!

Typhoon Ultra Lite jacket is constructed utilizing STORM Kimonos® specific preshrunk, lightweight, and extremely durable 420gsm Japanese weave.  Zero Warp collar construction, reinforcement panels, and subtle contrast stitching throughout.  Zero Hold sleeve technology providing you with the competitive edge.

The pant is made from lightweight, high grade super soft ultra comfort Military Breathe Tech 220gsm technical fabric.  The pants are preshrunk with antimicrobial features, triple contrast stitching.  Typhoon Ultra Lite is designed to comply with the most updated IBJJF regulations.

Storm is one of those companies that was around for a while, went away, came back, then went away, then came back completely re-branded at the helm of Mike Dytri.

If you don’t know who Mike Dytri is, he’s worked with and for many of the top companies in BJJ and has his own label that I’m sure you’ve seen posted a countless number of times by us, Ludwig Van.

Back to the topic at hand, Storm is worn by some of the most beastly competitors today. The Estima Brothers, Cobrinha, Romulo Barral, Edwin Najmi, etc. Does this have an effect on the durability of their product? No, but at least they look cool amirite?

Jacket Details

  • 420 GSM Japanese Weave
  • Pre-shrunk materials
  • Embroidered logos and patching
  • Seam covering throughout the jacket
  • Zero Hold sleeve technology


Pants details

  • 220 Military tech rip-stop
  • Lightweight
  • Four belt loops
  • Fabric belt tie
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Back “pocket” look


Quick Review


The Storm Typhoon Ultra Light gi is designed well and has held up under machine washing cold and machine drying tumble low for the many, many moons we’ve had this gi. I lost count of how many moons I’ve had this gi but I would say it’s been maybe a year now?

The design is loud, but subtle if that makes sense? The logos/taping are definitely visible, especially the chest patch but the design on the inside is what is subtle.

The zero hold sleeve technology is a loud and in your face red color all over the inside of the gi, but an intriguing concept to me. It could be a placebo affect in me thinking the zero hold tech is working better, or I could have just gotten a lot better at grip stripping…not exactly sure but it seems easier to rip a grip out of someones hands sooooo win? It consists of a material running down the inside of the sleeve and the around the collar. Check out the pics and see for yourself.

The pants have a piece of cloth on the butt area that makes it look like there are pockets there, with an embroidered STORM lightning bolt. The jacket also has a real pocket on the inside that has a piece of velcro across the top to keep it closed while the pants feature the same thing on the inside of the waist band as well.

While I did add some flair to the gi, I did like the original look to it and didn’t mind the “competitor” logos around the gi and the chest patch. Sometimes it’s better to have a gi that’s “louder” and a gi that’s got a more “basic” look to it. This would be my “louder” gi I suppose.



While it’s labeled as an “ultra light” gi, it doesn’t really feel like an ultra light jacket but the pants are fairly light feeling even with the “pockets” on the back of it. The jacket listed weight is 420, which is only 30 gsm under the normal “lightweight” gi that most companies have. Other “ultra light” gis are at the 300-380gsm weight so the labeling to me is a bit misleading in terms of weight. The japanese weave feels thicker and heavier than a standard pearl weave jacket.

The pants on the other hand are the complete opposite. They feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. Light and fluffy but a ripstop pant kind of fluffy if that makes sense. I worried at first about them feeling so thin and maybe sweat would soak them and you would be able to see what type of compression gear I’m wearing underneath but luckily that didn’t happen.

The fit is the same comparison between the jacket and pants, completely the opposite of each other. To me, the jacket is looser while the pants are a more tapered and tighter fit. I could say this gi was built for someone who is bigger up top but has smaller legs. I don’t mind the fit but with someone like me who has meaty thighs this may be a little troublesome for you. I like the length of the gi though as the jacket sleeves and pants are a superb length IMO.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the price tag and the deal I got from MMAwarehouse.


  • The typhoon has held up phenomenally to the abuse of machine drying
  • The zero hold sleeve technology works
  • The fit is great along with design
  • Came with a free rash guard (does not apply anymore)


  • Labeled as ultra light, but not really “ultra-light” feeling jacket

Weight of Kimono

Around 4.5 lbs


While it says that it’s preshrunk material, I’ve cold washed and machine dried low this gi for the duration of use. Even with the initial drying I did find that it shrank about an inch in the sleeve length and about two inches in the pant length. This works out perfectly for me because I like a shorter sleeve and pant length so WIN!

The storm measurement guide pre-wash



So take away about an inch overall and theres your post wash/dry measurements!!


Optic white – $179.99

Blue – $179.99

Black – $179.99






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