Springroll Fightwear

Springroll Fightwear

Springroll Fightwear

So today we’re coming to you with a review for a new company by the name of Springroll Fightwear. They’ve got some interesting designs and they’ve sent us a rash guard and spats from to have a look at.

Here is some info from their site


The benefit of wearing Springroll Fightwear Compression gear are:

1. Strain and Fatigue prevention
2. Draws sweat of from your groin area to prevent irritation and itchiness
3. Medical research have come to a conclusion that compression clothing “decrease muscle soreness, less inflammation and fast recovery of energy production.
4. Reduce the spread of bacteria, resist odor, protect your skin from diseases
5. Lightweight fabric that will not restrict your movement
6. Covers those hairy legs


Also, flat rate shipping to the United States is only $5

Exoskeleton 2.0 Rash Guard

  • 83% polyester / 17% spandex
  • Sublimated graphics & logos
  • Breathable, stretchable, comfortable

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The rash guard is rather thick and a bit warm while rolling but the sublimated design and stitches are top notch quality. None of the seams are irritating or any color bleeding has happened so far. Since the material is thicker I do believe this rash guard will last a long time.It’s definitely served me well for the duration of this review.

I can’t quite remember how long I’ve had this rash guard but it’s been over a month of continued use and I’m happy with it even though it’s thicker.

Some will like the design, but then again some won’t. I personally don’t mind and it is a unique rash guard. You can tell they took some time to get the design down because all seams match up to one another front and back for the exoskeleton.


1Roll Grappling Spats


  • Elastic waistband
  • Sublimated logos

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While the rash guard is thicker the spats themselves are not; but they’re not too thin either. It’s a pleasant medium thickness and they’re not too hot or too breathable. Sometimes spats are thin and let in too much air/don’t wick away sweat.

Not only did I grapple in these, I also played softball (sliding on grass, dirt, etc) and other various activities to see how they would hold up to day to day activities other than grappling. No excessive ride up while doing anything and the large size was perfect for me. Even when sliding to catch a ball on the grass or into a base the spats didn’t tear or wear any faster, I also played multiple games in these for the record.

The spats are completely sublimated and like the rash guard, all seams are non irritating and there was no color bleeding. As you can see in the last picture though, there are some spots like that around the spats that are starting to wear down but not on the knees.

The design is also pretty cool although most people will wear shorts over these so you won’t see the majority of the design if you choose to wear them that way.


Quick Review

Springroll Fightwear has done a good job with the Exoskeleton 2.0 and 1Roll spats. The construction on both is solid and it’s not really showing any wear besides what I mentioned about the spats.

The cost for both of these items are about the normal price range for Jiu Jitsu related rash guards and spats (equal or maybe a little higher for the spats depending on which company), but I would be/am happy with the purchase. Like I said above, they’ve lasted me through some abuse and I can say that I believe these will last a good while before breaking down, especially the rash guard.

As for customer service, I haven’t had to return them so I can’t tell you exactly about it but I can tell you that any any all questions I had regarding the information of the product was answered in a timely manner.

Check out springrollfightwear.com and see if they have what you’re looking for!!


Rash Guard – $59.99

Spats – $59.99

Flat Rate shipping to the United States for only $5





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springroll fightwear


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- Performance
- Price
- Customer Service

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Springroll Fightwear So today we're coming to you with a review for a new company by the name of Springroll Fightwear. They've got some interesting d...