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Soul Roll Alpha Gi

Soul Roll Alpha Gi Review

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Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu is a company that for me, came out of no where. One day I received an email from a person associated with the brand and then I checked out their website. While there isn’t a lot of information about the brand online, they do offer three color options for their Alpha Kimono, a rash guard, and belts. The designs seemed pretty unique and I was fairly intrigued by them.

Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu Website


First Impressions

Pulling the Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu Alpha kimono out of the box I was impressed by the bag first off. The white ripstop material backpack style of bag with red drawstrings looks bigger than normal and has a big nifty pocket on the front of it with screen printed graphics.

After I removed the kimono from the bag I was even more blown away by their designs and all of the patches. The woven patches are super soft and looked to be made extremely well and were very detailed. There are a lot of patches though but I really don’t mind.

The top feels really light, as do the pants. It seems to be high quality but a little big for an A1. Since it’s a light GSM I’m assuming it’s going to shrink down a bit. The only contrasting colors besides the patches are the side splits in the jacket and pants, and the belt loops. No contrast stitching, a nice change from the usual that’s been coming out lately.

First impressions are high!!!


Jacket Details

  • 350 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Inside screen printed design
  • Triple stitched stress points
  • Competition cut
  • Woven taping & patches
  • Embroidered slogan on back



Pant Details

  • 10 oz Ripstop pants
  • Woven patches
  • Six belt loops
  • Blue with red/white contrasts
  • Woven taping



Quick Review

Soul Roll has made a lightweight, quality kimono that would be perfect for competition use. The one patch on the side makes us not sure if it’s IBJJF legal, but it really depends on the person who’s working that day. All patches are removable for the record, and you could remove the side patch to ensure it’s IBJJF legal before going to the tournament.

Their design style is something that isn’t seen in today’s market. The patches and taping are unique, the quality of the kimono is good, and the bag that comes with it is a great bonus. After all the washes so far it hasn’t really lost any color either.

***I want to note that while I wasn’t able to train in this kimono for the first week or two of having it, I was washing it every other day to simulate the washing/hang drying cycles it would go through.***

The cut is of roomier proportions and would do well for a slender or stockier build of grappler.

While it does boast a 350 GSM top, it doesn’t feel that light honestly. The jacket is a little rougher than most 350 GSM kimonos, I’m not exactly sure why that is either. There was only one small spot that wasn’t folded over correctly when putting the jacket together, in the armpit region on the inside of the kimono. Other than that all of the stitching was good and straight as far as I could see.

The pants are roomier and made very well. It comes with a flat drawstring instead of the usual rope ones that a lot of companies are releasing with. All of the stitching is spot on with no breaks. The ripstop is a little stiffer than some, but softer than others. It’s a happy medium honestly.

While I feel that this is a good, quality kimono; the end I’m not sure if the Soul Roll Alpha warrants the $189 price tag. That’s pretty costly for such an advertised light weight gi. While the patches are woven and very high quality, maybe they could have left off a few to save money?

That’s not my decision, but I feel like the price will definitely turn a lot of people away given all the options that are available in today’s market.

Did they make a good kimono that is detailed? Yes.

Are all the patches high quality? Yes.

This is just one reviewers opinion though, right now they’re on sale until the 30th of April so grab one up at a cheaper price if you like the style and decide for yourself. You never know, you could love this gi so much you want to buy all three color ways.

I asked Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu for their perspective on the price and here is what they had to say;

“Some Gi’s are priced at $200+. For example, take a look at this plain gi ($160 – originally $249) , you will also find a Koral Gi priced at $209. Of course you can find gi’s at a much lower rates ~$130. I believe for what we offer the price point is solid, Including the bag. We have spent a lot of time and resources on testing, manufacturing, design, quality and control, patches etc..”


  • Lighter weight
  • Unique patches
  • Good construction
  • Almost zero color fading



  • A lot of patches
  • Shoulder/bicep region is a bit roomy
  • Price


Weight of Kimono3.4 lbs


More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The bag for the Alpha kimono is something else. It’s big enough to fit not only the gi, but your belt, shorts, rash guard and have enough room for other smaller items as well.

On the front it has the Soul Roll logo screen printed in yellow and green and is a backpack style of bag. The drawstrings though aren’t that thick and seem weak compared to other gi bags.

The coolest feature about the bag in my opinion besides the storage space, is the pocket on the front. Accessible from the outside only by a red Velcro seal, it also features a head phone eyelet going inside of the pocket. The pocket is quite large and can very easily hold your wallet, keys, phone, iPod, and a few other items as well.

Most bags you can barely fit the kimono in so it’s nice that this gi comes with a bag that is large enough to fit the essential items needed for a Jiu Jitsu training session.


While the jacket info reads 350 GSM it does not feel that light. It’s actually a little rougher than a normal pearl weave as well.

All patches on the jacket are woven, non folded, and secured with a single stitch line besides the lapel patch, which is folded over neatly and has two rows of stitching holding it on. The patches besides the lapel one are a little scratchy on the edges but are slowly softening up.

The cuff and skirt taping is a creative design featuring rows of circles over lapping each other. It is woven, extremely soft, and folded over to ensure no scratchy edges.

The inside lapel tag is uniquely designed and also folded over to ensure no scratchiness occurs.

Most of the jacket is double stitched for reinforcements besides the inner arm seams and the shoulder reinforcement, which are triple stitched. No arm pit reinforcements but it does have a side split rectangle reinforcement that is notably tucked into the red contrast material on the inside.

Two spots of embroidery on the jacket and both are on the backside. The phrase, “perfecting the art” is cursive script looks odd up close but seems well done looking from afar. The yin & yang symbol just below the collar is done well.

As for the collar, it is ripstop lined and appears to have no wavy stitching lines.

The only defect I’ve seen on the jacket top is a small spot of material that wasn’t folded in all the way on the inside of the armpit. While it is starting to fray more it doesn’t seem to effect the kimono in any way, but I am noting it.


The pants are lightweight and are pretty comfortable to wear given their roomy cut. The ripstop is a little stiffer than some brands, but softer than other companies as well. It has a nice “in the middle” feel to the fabric.

The red and white subtle contrast to the blue material is nice. The six belt loops are placed low and the drawstring doesn’t ride up. I’m not a fan of the flat drawstring, which comes with these pants, but they stay tied which is all that really matters in the end yeah?

The patches are the same design and quality as the ones on the jacket. I feel like one or both of the patches could’ve been left off to save on cost and/or weight honestly but it’s not a deal breaker. One small spot of embroidery on the lower left leg under the knee pad is stitched well. (a yin yang symbol)

The taping on the pant cuffs is woven and soft, folded over and stitched to where there is no scratchy feeling to it. Pretty cool design to it as well.

Through the majority of the pant it’s double stitched for reinforcement except for the inseam, crotch, and butt of the pants, which is triple stitched.

The extra layer of ripstop material knee pad length is great, and it actually covers the knees when crouching. I like it when that happens!!



As you can see, there was some shrinkage. I was expecting a lot more but it’s a nice surprise that it didn’t have any more than this.

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Rolling Performance

The Soul Roll Alpha while rolling, doesn’t stretch that much as the weight would let you believe. A lot of the time when you see the 350 GSM mark on a kimono, you know it’s going to stretch a ton. That wasn’t the case with this gi. It didn’t stretch any more than a regular kimono.

“It was a cooler roll, not too hot. Soaked up sweat a bit more than usual. Pants are wider so it was cooler, easier to grip though. Good roll, did what it was supposed to.”



I couldn’t compare this gi to another.


Where to buy

The Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu website is the only place to purchase the Alpha Kimono.


 Cost $189


Instagram (none)



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