Shoyoroll x Albino & Preto – Batch 25.W P/Review

Shoyoroll, Albino & Preto, A&P, Batch 25 black, Batch 25 White,

Shoyoroll x Albino and Preto Batch 25.w Review

Albino & Preto marks their return to the scene with a double label gi that was released only at the 2013 IBJJF Mundials. You had to be in line for the release that was let loose upon the Pyramid in Long Beach at 12:24 pm. They handed out stickers that were numbered on the back and were like normal Mundials releases, very limited.

Since this gi isn’t readily available yet, this is more of a preview as to what’s to come from Albino & Preto this year.

This was the prize for getting the black hunt gi. You had the opportunity to complete the set in white. I don’t know how many of these white HUNT gi’s there were, but I was lucky enough to get one and am super pumped for it.

First Impressions

Shoyoroll, Albino and Preto, Batch 25, Shoyoroll batch 25, A&PThere is one slight difference from everyone else’s bag…..The SYR logo heat transfer. After seeing the black bag with the same thing on it I knew exactly what it meant.

Shoyoroll, Albino and Preto, Batch 25, Shoyoroll batch 25, A&P

Shoyoroll, Albino and Preto, Batch 25, Shoyoroll batch 25, A&P

After taking it out of the bag I noticed a strong resemblance to the batch 12 Rio Koi. The differences are small but noticeable. Besides the A&P logos, the green trim isn’t quite as dark as the Rio and the labels are different. Small but subtle differences are key.

Jacket Details:

  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • White with green contrast stitching
  • Custom shoulder reinforcement A&P pattern
  • Custom SYR x A&P seam tape
  • Yellow and Green logos
  • Heat Transfer Patches

Jacket Design:



Jacket Overview

I am guessing that since this was a small release that they made sure the quality was great because I see no inconsistencies with the jacket. It feels the same in terms of the cut and fabric that Shoyoroll is famous for. It fits amazingly well and exactly how I like it. I believe it will make a great comp or daily training gi

Pants Details

  • 10 oz Drill Cotton
  • White with Green contrast stitching
  • Custom inner gusset
  • 6 loop drawstring
  • Heat Stamped patches

Pants Design


Pants Conclusion

Lightweight….but sturdy, is how I would describe the pants on the release. The fabric on the pants is a cotton blend like the Charles Lew v3 in white. The material is soft, comfortable and not binding at all. Movement is free and clear and I really like how they fit. I’m not a connoisseur on gi pants but I’m starting to see subtle differences in most pants that are coming out.

The Fit

Not only does it look good, it fits good as well. Lightweight for competition but it’s not too tight that it won’t pass an IBJJF inspection. I’ll be shrinking the jacket down a little bit more than this.

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In all honesty, the gi was made extremely well and is what you can expect from Shoyoroll. I’ve never had a bad experience with Shoyoroll, and that says a lot considering how big they’ve gotten especially over the past few years.

The white version of this gi is a little bit more scarce than the black from what I was told. Only 50 white gi’s are in circulation so getting one of these, even the regular version, is something great. Considering I have the hunt edition of it, I know exactly how rare this one is. A lot of people purchased these to re sell and while I don’t agree with it, I can understand.

Shoyoroll gi’s are the Nike Jordans of BJJ. Albino and Preto is the sister brand of Shoyoroll