Shoyoroll Winter Shorts 2013

Shoyoroll Winter Shorts 2013

Shoyoroll Winter Shorts 2013


This is just serving as a visual reference since I haven’t had these shorts for quite some time but just now found the pictures and figured it would be worth to post as someone is always asking about previous Shoyoroll gear. I will also list some pros and cons that I wrote down when I first got them.



  • Sublimated
  • Very lightweight
  • Stretch waistband
  • Shorter length


  • Lightweight

The only time I rolled in these shorts, they would not stay down and rode up the entire time exposing all of my leg. I don’t want that much skin exposed, especially during no gi because of the cooties that can come along with it. Other than that though, they were very well made shorts.

Had they been a little more stiff I would’ve loved to have kept them.


Sizing pictures


Shoyoroll winter shorts 2013