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ShoyorollThe Ring Review
The Dedicated Grappler

The Ring” by Shoyoroll is our gi made with our signature lightweight Pearl Weave fabric. We are also introducing our new lightweight blend cotton pants. This gi was designed and inspired by one of our athletes, the American standout by the name of Ryan Hall. This is our first release of our athlete collection series, which is also a limited edition release.
First off, I’ve been waiting for this gi since we first got a glimpse of Ryan wearing it in the interview vid from a few years ago. You can see that video here Ryan Hall Shoyoroll Studios Interview

I even made my own mockup trying to coerce Shoyoroll into making it, and eventually they listened to all the Smiegels out there waiting for their precious and made…”The Ring”

Now on to the review…
When I first pulled the gi out of the package this paper was inside of it. A glossy type of paper that reads Shoyoroll  three times on it, and THE RING BY:RYAN HALL. Some people asked if it was a patch but no, just a glossy piece of paper. Nothing on the back. 
The first thing I noticed when looking at the gi was they changed up the logo tag on the inside of the jacket. This isn’t the first batch they’ve done this too but it’s fairly noticeable and don’t know why they changed up the logo. I was pretty partial to the original one. 
There is also a very noticeable quote that is screen printed on the inside of the gi jacket 
Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens” JRR Tolkien
It was also said by some that the logo on the sleeves looked like a patch, but alas my good friends it is NOT a patch and is the same embroidery you would expect from SYR but with a thicker outline. 
The inside taping of the sleeves and lower jacket skirt is a light purple color and has some writing on it but I’m not sure what it says

While looking at the inside of the gi for reinforcements, I noticed that there wasn’t an armpit reinforcement like most gi’s but it is triple stitched all the way around connecting the arm with the body.
On the outside of the gi, the bottom skirt has a material that seems to be the same as the pants for outside taping and is quadruple stitched for more protection. 

The split seem on the jacket has the same triangle reinforcement as most gi’s which is more than sufficient to keep from ripping.

The stitching on my collar is extremely straight and has the same material as the pants covering it. It’s a very, very slick material. A lot of people complain about the stitching on the collar not being straight. This is I would say 98% perfect stitching on the collar alone. No other stitching problems I can find on the gi.
 From Left to Right: Atama Single Weave, The Ring, Padilla & Sons Single Weave, Competidor Vader
Logo and side split taping

Updated logo on the collar
Jacket thoughts: Very well made jacket as expected, love the color combination of the black with purple contrast stitching and highlights. Very good fit as usual, a little worried about the shrinkage and stretching as it is a pretty lightweight gi weighing in at a whopping 3.6 pounds for my A1.

Now on to the new “poly blend” pants

At first glance you can tell these pants are shinier than normal pants. I’m not sure what this poly blend is but to me it looks like it’s the glossy rip stop material they use but without all the rip stop seams and stitching. **At more looks, this material is almost like dockers stain proof pants***
The bottom cuff’s are quadruple stitched and have the same purple taping as the jacket cuffs and bottom skirt

Shoyoroll is known for the pearl/gold weave gusset but these pants do not have it. I can tell you what these pants do have and are setting them apart from most companies right now…the gusset reinforcement. 

Two long strips of the pant material are running along the edges of the gusset and up to the front and back of the pants. They are also triple stitched making sure that these pants will not rip in the gusset area. 
Apart from the new “poly blend” material and the gusset reinforcement, which are great subtle improvements, they are the same construction as before. 
Overall thoughts about the gi: If you’re a fan of Shoyoroll you already know what you’re buying. A great lightweight gi that is not only stylish but for the most part a very well made gi. You will have your occasional defects but that is expected from every gi company. I for one am very happy with this gi and can’t wait to roll in it. Next up for shoyoroll is the Rio Koi

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