Shoyoroll Texas Gi

Shoyoroll Texas Gi

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Shoyoroll Texas Gi (Five Grappling)

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Five Texas 2 Release
Color: White
Top: 450 or 550 Gram Pearl Pro
Pants: 10 oz drill Cotton
Bag – Nylon Printed Price – $200

This is the Shoyoroll Texas gi that was being sold at the Five grappling tournament in Texas and Illinois on their respective dates. Only available if you preregistered for the tournament or were able to purchase them from the website for pickup at the Illinois tournament.

The gi is as solid as a Shoyoroll gets. Lightweight jacket and pants combo, standard reinforcements, and the quality I’m used to seeing from the company.

As with most of the Shoyoroll gi’s I highlight here, this isn’t a review per say since you really won’t find this gi brand new unless you’re willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it. Most resellers know people want SYR so they’ll charge you an arm and a leg, possibly your soul for it as well. (unless they’re cool dudes like on the Shoyoroll Trade or Sell Facebook page)

Is it worth the amount they’ll charge? To me no but you might want this gi so bad you’ll pay it so it’s all up to you, the consumer. I suggest if you see a gi you like from Shoyoroll then you best try your hardest to purchase it when it drops from their respected retailers.

Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM pearl weave
  • White w/ orange stitching
  • Blue Contrast
  • Woven taping
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Pants Details

  • 10 oz light cotton
  • White w/ orange stitching
  • 6 blue belt loops
  • Woven taping

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  • Lightweight
  • Good color combination
  • Great fit


  •  Price was higher than normal for a “regular” SYR


Weight Of Kimono

3.5 lbs


Where to buy



$200 originally at the tournament

$225 and up from resellers for a used one (unless they’re cool dudes like on the Shoyoroll Trade or Sell Facebook page)







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