Shoyoroll Rebels Gi (sticker gi)

Shoyoroll Rebels Gi (sticker gi)

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 Shoyoroll Rebels (sticker gi)

This gi was released as a sticker for $250 and was limited to 250 gis with each one being hand numbered. When purchasing the sticker, uou didn’t know what you were getting and were buying it blindly. The end result was a black on black gi made of canvas material similar to the UNDFTD collab that was in green.


Lightweight Canvas

One piece jacket with no back seam

EVA Foam Collar

Reinforced Seams

Tailored Fit

Embroidered logos

Custom art woven inner taping/patches

Comes with a limited edition gi bag



Lightweight canvas

Stretchy Rope Drawstring

6 Point loop system

Heavy Reinforced Seams

Tailored Fit

Custom art woven inner taping




Drop Date



No Shoyoroll Rebels gi

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