Shoyoroll Review – Navy Skies

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Navy Skies Shoyoroll Review – A2

Click me for the Shoyoroll Store!!!

Click me for the Shoyoroll Store!!!

Here is my Shoyoroll Review for the Navy Skies Gi.

I know what you’re saying, “Not another Shoyoroll review of a gi that we can’t buy.” I get why you’re saying that but that’s not why I wanted to review this gi. I wanted to review the Shoyoroll Navy Skies since it was a GUMA only gi, and since it was made in a smaller quantity it should be of higher quality than previous batches.

Is it of higher Quality? Is the Shoyoroll Navy Skies GUMA Only gi of better construction than other Shoyoroll gi’s? These questions are what I wanted to answer for the readers of my site. So without further adieu, here we go….

Shoyoroll Navy Skies

I believe the main reason Shoyoroll released this gi was because of the huge outpouring from fans of the brand for the reproduction of their super popular “Grey Skies” Gi.

I was lucky enough to catch someone selling this gi for retail in person, and my girlfriend and I walked 4 blocks from the Houston Open to find an ATM to get the cash to get it. No second Market Ebay fees here!!!

You’re probably wondering why I chose an A2. Well I use A1 Shoyoroll gi’s for my competition gi and A2 when I have a Gi I don’t want to shrink down and not be able to use anymore. With that being said, here goes the review!!

The Bag:

 First I wanna talk about the bag. I know that it’s just a bag but Shoyoroll has upped their bag quality a bit since the last gi I purchased that came with a bag which was The Compadre and Americana.

The first thing that stands out is they now have two straps to make a backpack for your gi or whatever else you’re going to put in it. The next thing that stands out about the bag is the way the straps are put in there. Strikingly similar to the way the chord is on your pants. Double wrapped in there to make sure they close tightly. I know it’s just a bag but it’s a nice feature that a lot of people will overlook and I wanted to highlight it.

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The Jacket

The features of the jacket are what made Shoyoroll what it was back in the day when they were first coming up and had small batches and unique features.

The collar is a different color than the jacket, the lapel patch, and what a lot of people really wanted to see come back . . …The Lion of Judah on the jacket skirt.

Yes…the Lion is back. Some people don’t like it, a lot of people do though and Shoyoroll finally listened and brought it back for this release. As you can also see they have the Navy colored taping on the bottom of the skirt to compliment the Navy collar.

The inside taping of the skirt and the inside of the sleeve cuffs is the rasta colored taping as seen on a lot of their batches. Regular triangle reinforcement on the side slit.

Will it be seen again? Who knows. They replaced the bright Red tag that they’ve been using on the last few batches with the original tag finally!!

No reinforcement for the armpit, just a regular triple stitch. Here is the inside taping along the color. It’s the same as the Compadre taping and I’m hoping it won’t be as itchy and scratchy as the Compadre was. So far it’s nice and gentle.

The Collar on the gi is stitched surprisingly straight. It doesn’t have contrast stitching so even if it was stitched crooked you wouldn’t be able to tell. This is a big thing with most people who buy gis. And the collar is also of regular thickness. Not too thin, not too thick.


Jacket Conclusion:

The jacket itself is constructed very well, which is great news considering this was a small batch for GUMA Only members and friends of the brand. The style of it is also great for the fact that everyone wanted the Grey Skies gi (one sold for a ridiculous amount on eBay, I’m sure you heard about it) so they made a Navy version although most people thought it would be another all Navy gi like The Yank. (I’m waiting on Roach’s navy gi with Red logos)



If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know that while I do look over the pants fairly well there isn’t a lot that ever changes in pants. Mostly it’s just designs or cuts of the pants and styles that change. No one ever really comes out with something ground breaking on the pants. They’ve kept the distance of the loops from the top of the pants at a good distance where the rope doesn’t ride up.

They’ve put the original tag from earlier batches back in the pants like they did with the jacket of this batch. Good move as I do like this one better than the solid red one. The pant slit reinforcement is the same as usual, the rectangle. The gusset is Navy colored, not legal for IBJJF competitions but not everyone does them. I for one do, but I have a separate competition gi for those since they’re strict anyways. Now here is where it changes. I first saw them do this with their Ryan Hall Ring release and I was the only one that really noticed it (or pointed it out I should say)

Extra thick material lining the gusset for superb reinforcement. I haven’t seen many companies do this and I believe Shoyoroll was the first to add this kind of protection for the gusset. It’s always one of the weakest areas of the pants.

Pants Conclusion:

While I’m not huge on pants I do like that Shoyoroll has quality made pants that have never ripped on me. And considering the fact that I have owned a ridiculous amount of Shoyorolls in the number of 12 of them (Not as much as Simon Tipper McWhorter or Jpiz though. Stupid ridiculous props to them for their closets) I can honestly say that these are as well made as any of the other Shoyoroll pants I have owned only these have the extra reinforcements in the gusset.

Overall Conclusion of the Navy Skies:

As stated before this was a Shoyoroll GUMA Members Only released gi. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this one for retail+what he paid for shipping so I wasn’t out a ridiculously amount of money like you would pay for them on eBay. It is in my opinion that it’s a well made gi and if you were lucky enough to get it then good for you.

Shoyoroll Review – Navy Skies

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