Shoyoroll GUMA 2015 / UBER Guma

Shoyoroll GUMA 2015 / UBER Guma

 Shoyoroll GUMA 2015

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This was the first year you had to go on a waiting list in order to purchase the GUMA package. In the end, almost everyone got GUMA who signed up. This was also the first year they introduced UBER GUMA for those who had been a GUMA member for every year since it’s been available.

The UBER SPECIAL GUMA package was $600 (Double the price of regular GUMA) but you have the availability to get in person only releases without being in attendance, and you also have exclusive color ways only available to UBER members.

Guma Reserve 2015 Waiting List UPDATE:

Due to the overwhelming demand for the GUMA Reserve Membership. We have decided to create a GUMA RESERVE waiting list for those who are interesting in becoming a 2015 Guma Reserve member. Providing your information through this form places you on a WAITING list for Guma 2015. When slots become available, we will contact interested parties, in the order we receive the entries (first come, first served). If you fail to purchase the membership by the said date, you will forfeit your place in line. Please click on the form link button below to be placed on the waiting list. If you fail to fill out all required fields, your entry will not be accepted.


What is Guma Reserve?

Guma Reserve is an EXCLUSIVE paid membership, which guarantees you first access to many online kimono releases through the Shoyoroll web store. In addition, you receive exclusive access to Guma only releases, as well as, discounts on merchandise.

When? Winter 2014


How much? TBD (The 2014 membership sold for $299, plus shipping).

How many? TBD

How can I place myself on the waiting list for 2015?
Please click on the form link button below and fill out all required fields. Incomplete entries will be voided.

If you are a current 2014 Guma member, you do not need to fill out this form.

*** This is ONLY a WAITING LIST for the 2015 Membership. When the membership becomes available later this year, we will allocate any open slots of the membership to those who filled out this form (first come, first served basis). In order to receive all information pertaining to Guma Reserve 2015, please add and to your address book.

Thank you for supporting Shoyoroll. Thanks .



Drop Date

Winter 2014



Shoyoroll GUMA 2015