Shoyoroll GUMA 2014 Kimono

Shoyoroll GUMA 2014 Kimono

Shoyoroll GUMA 14

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First Impressions

When first opening the package that the shoyoroll GUMA kimono came in, I could see the gi really popped with the orange contrast to the blue material. Pulling the kimono out, it was light in both the pants and the jacket but felt sturdy at the same time.

There is some wavy stitching, mainly on the collar, and is more noticeable due to the bright orange contrast against the blue kimono material. Kimonos with contrast stitching tend to show imperfections more than classic styled kimonos without contrast. Speaking of the collar, it’s thicker than usual for a shoyoroll kimono.

The gi didn’t come with a bag like you’re used to seeing. They decided to keep with the theme of the batch 6 superLITE and have the gi shipped in a clear plastic bag.

Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Embroidered Logos
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Woven Ribbon Taping
  • Orange Contrast



Pant Details

  •  10 oz Cotton
  • Pearl Weave Gusset
  • Longer Knee Pads
  • 6 Belt Loops
  • Stretchy Rope Drawstring
  • Orange Contrast





Quick Review

The shoyoroll guma SuperLITE 2 is a well made kimono that is light, stylish, and IBJJF approved. The kimono is also a blank canvas besides a few smaller patches, which means you can NASCAR your gi out with patches if that is your wish.

The combination of the 450 GSM top and 10 oz cotton pants is great, they’re lightweight but sturdy at the same time. The orange stitching looks fantastic on the blue material and despite a few wavy lines on the collar, is mostly straight everywhere else. Speaking of the collar, it is slightly larger than previous batches we’ve encountered with the exception of the Dlux which has the same thickness.

Reinforcements are double, and triple stitched depending on where they are on the kimono. The added in seam tape over the crotch and seat region on the pants is always a nice addition and you don’t even realize it’s there unless you’re looking at it.

The seam tape that is featured on the sleeve and pant cuffs, as well as the bottom of the jacket is folded over nicely and is extremely soft. Not scratchy in the slightest bit and is their classic rasta colored taping.

The pants have an addition of longer knee pads which is great for people of different leg lengths.

The shoyoroll superLITE 2 was very limited and only sold to GUMA members and sponsored athletes. Your only chance of picking this kimono up is from eBay and resellers, which means there will be a considerable mark up.


  • Light, but sturdy
  • Longer Limb Length
  • Thicker Collar



  • Extremely Limited
  • Some wavy stitching (mainly collar)


Weight of Kimono :3.8 lbs



This batch was considerably longer than other recent shoyoroll kimonos I’ve gotten and from memory, ones in the past as well.  The quality and fit is the same (except for length mentioned) as other shoyoroll kimonos (all A1) and is a more fitted cut for slender individuals.

Shoyoroll has a size chart that is almost guaranteed to have a cut fit for everyone including a few womens, husky, and long sizes as well.

The closest fit to a shoyoroll that i’ve come across was Submit One Kimonos. The original Submit Ones were cut the same was as the original Batch 6’s, not sure for their newest kimonos.


Where to buy

eBay and resellers are the only place to purchase this kimono unless you were a GUMA 14 member.


$300 initial cost in the GUMA membership package (came with a SYR Track Jacket, water bottle, and other bonuses)



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