Shoyoroll Forever Rolls Highlight – A1L

Shoyoroll Forever Rolls Highlight – A1L

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Shoyoroll Forever Rolls A1L


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Bringing you another highlight on a Shoyoroll kimono. Long sold out to the GUMA members, the only way to get your hands on a FOREVER ROLLS is the secondary market. The unbleached cotton that made up the forever rolls is known to shrink a considerable amount so we went with the A1L. (Pre wash & post wash measurements at the end) shoyoroll forever rolls


  • Unbleached
  • Quality Construction
  • Lightweight


  • Super Limited
  • If it rips, no replacement


|*|  This is just a visual aid/reference so you can see if the second market pricing is worth what you’re wanting. WANTVSNEED. If you’re a collector, I would suggest grabbing one as they only made 350, but who knows how many got sold to the public.

If you’re just a general SYR fan, then the price may not be for you unless you HAVE TO HAVE THIS considering most prestigious tournaments won’t allow this gi for competition and it would mainly be a seminar/training gi (isn’t that what they’re used for anyway?)  Let the pictures commence… 


Jacket Details

  •  450 GSM Pearl Weave
  • UNBLEACHED cotton
  • Brown contrast stitching and trim
  • Desert Storm Camo neck yoke and trim



Pants Details

  •  10 oz drill cotton
  • Brown Gusset & Contrast
  • Six point belt loop system
  • Brown stretchy rope drawstring












There were a few loose strings around the jacket but mainly in the pants. A quick snip of the scissors took care of them. No unraveling of other stitches have come about since and there were no other quality issues that I’ve found.

This gi did shrink a considerable amount due to the unbleached cotton but I already knew that would take place, thus why I went with the A1L size. It now fits like a regular A1 SYR.

The pants feel a lot lighter than 10 oz cotton. They’re super lightweight and do stretch a little bit when rolling due to the higher percentage of shrinkage.

The Shoyoroll Forever Rolls is a limited gi, and honestly its entirely up to you if the price is warranted.  If you really want this gi then you’re going to find a way to justify the $275 – $400 price range on the second market right now (March 2014) depending on the size. Maybe you’ll find one cheaper on the SYR Gi Trader Facebook Page . They have a good community of traders/sellers on there.

Like I said in the beginning, this was more of a visual aid and reference instead of a “normal” review due to the fact that it’s getting harder to find these gi’s and usually only collectors are buying them on the second market and hoarding them.

Shoyoroll forever rolls

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