Shoyoroll Comp Standard XIV

Shoyoroll Comp Standard XIV

Shoyoroll Comp Standard XIV Review – A1

Given that Shoyoroll really needs no introduction, here is our Shoyoroll Comp Standard XIV review.
I’ve had this kimono since Pan Ams, I don’t know how many times it’s been used/washed.



First Impressions

The Shoyoroll Comp Standard feels heavier than other kimonos I have from Shoyoroll. It’s sturdier, thicker, and generally built better. It’s a cleanly designed gi. The mix of non contrast and contrast stitching is a great idea. I’ve wished that companies would do that for a while now and I’m glad someone finally did it.

I got lucky and mine had the highly sought after and exclusive competitor stamps on it. Not all gi’s will have them, you might get lucky and receive one though. You never know.


Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave Pro
  • White with Navy Contrast
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Improved Heavy Reinforcements



Pants Details

  •  10 oz Cotton Blend
  • White with Navy Contrast
  • Heavy reinforcements
  • Longer knee pads



Quick Review

If you’re a fan of Shoyoroll kimonos then you’ll be super happy with this gi. I honestly think this could be the best SYR gi to date. If you’ve never had a Shoyoroll gi I think this one would be a great kimono to start off with. It’s got the toughness of a daily trainer, but the lightness of a comp gi as well. Given the fact it’s also only $159 for a white one, or $169 for a blue you can’t really argue with that price for a Shoyoroll.

The jacket has a clean design, the collar is firm, and the material is very soft. While the fit is a bit looser than previous models, it’s not so loose that it’s easier for your opponent to grab. The updated heavier material for reinforcements is also a good addition to the kimono. The jacket does stretch a little bit under heavy rolls, but snaps back after washing. No excessive stretching.

The pants are extremely soft (Almost as soft as the DLUX pants, almost.) but also looser than previous models. They stretch a little bit while rolling but nothing too dramatic. I’m glad the knee pads are longer, and I’m sure a lot of other people will be happy with that as well.

The belt loops did bleed a little bit after the third or fourth time using it, but after a few washes it came right back out and you can’t even tell there was ink there. I emailed shoyoroll and while it took a few days to respond, they did say to ship the pants back and they would send out a replacement pair. I didn’t send the pants back though.

The price of this gi is $159,  slightly below what SYR has been charging for kimonos and about the mid priced range for all other kimono brands. Even with the initial belt loops bleeding, and then washing out, I think it’s a good price for what you’re getting. A good daily trainer, but also a good comp gi as well. The first run of this was meant for competitors at the Pan Ams in March, but a small supply was sold to GUMA members and the general public as well. is sold out so your only way to get this kimono is through or

If you got one then congrats, if not then don’t fear because a summer version of the Comp Standards are coming and sneak peeks have shown that they could be navy and black.



  • Cleaner contrast design
  • Longer knee pads
  • Heavier reinforcements/taping
  • Thicker collar



  • Belt loops bled (washed right back out after a few washes)

You can’t tell that the belt loops bled after a few washes. All the extra ink came out. I contacted SYR about the pants and they said to send them back and they would replace them immediately. It took them a few days to respond to me but they did respond. I didn’t send them back, I washed them to see if it would come out instead.


Weight Of Kimono:  3.5 lbs



More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The bag of the Comp Standard XIV is quickly becoming the norm for all gi bags. A double sling, back pack style made of cotton with screen printed graphics on it. Nothing out of the norm or extra about the bag, just a nice addition to the kimonos purchase.

I have a bag full of gi bags somewhere in my house, they hardly ever get used anymore.


Jacket Details

Taking a look over this jacket I noticed one thing right off the bat. The contrast stitching is placed in certain areas. The sleeve cuffs, jacket skirt, lapel, and side splits are the only place that has navy contrast. Usually you would see it also on the shoulder, chest/arm seams and in the arm pit reinforcement but these areas have white stitching.

It gives the gi a cleaner look in my opinion.

The Pearl Weave Pro is already a comfortable and soft weave, but when combined with fabric softener makes for an even more comfortable kimono top. Probably too comfortable for your opponent but great for your training partner when drilling.

The sleeve cuffs (inside) have a stiff, heavier drill cotton taping instead of the Rasta lining and measure slightly over an inch high, with triple stitched reinforcement. The taping on the outside of the jacket skirt is made from the same material and measures 3 cm high, and is reinforced with four rows of stitching.

The collar is two inches wide, made of a thicker EVA foam, and does have some doubled over lines in the stitching. With most contrast stitched kimonos though, that is bound to happen on some of them and is expected to be seen eventually.

Embroidery on the shoulders and the delt area is flawless. I’ve never had a SYR that wasn’t flawless in this department. The new xSHOYOROLLx embroidery on the delt area is also a nice touch and also features the well done embroidery. The only complaint I would have with this is purely aesthetic, and that is the white stitching for the shoulder area actually goes through the shoyoroll logo and can be seen when looking up close. Like I said though, it doesn’t effect the kimono in any way structurally.

The lapel tag has been changed again, and shoyoroll has a metallic threading to part of the tag to give some “flair” to it. This is the fourth or fifth tag change since batch one. The new tag reads;

xSHOYOROLLx Wash in Cold Water, Hang Dry by Hand. Train with the Force. Be first, no less”

The neck tag has also changed again, I think we’re on the fourth one now?

They have added some metallic threading to this tag again and is completely different from the original brand tags, but slightly modified from the newer red SYR Tag we’ve been seeing.

Standard triangle reinforcements in the side splits as well as a navy trim lining the outer edges of the side splits. The stitching is a little off on one of the splits, just barely going outside of the fabric.

There were also a few loose threads on both of the jackets arm seams that easily pulled out. So far no effect on the durability of said seams.

The inside of the jacket is so soft and does not irritate the skin in any way. It’s very comfortable.


Pants Details

The comp standards pants are white in color and are described as a 10 oz “cotton blend”. They’re fastened by a stretchy, navy blue drawstring that goes through six, thicker than usual navy belt loops made from drill cotton. The width of the belt loops measure one half inch and are double over cotton material with a line of stitching on each side, and a square design of stitching on each end securing them to the pants.

The 10 oz cotton blend pants have a soft feel to them, almost like the DLUX pants. They’re not too heavy feeling though, and definitely not too light.

Other reinforcements are standard for the pants, with triple stitched inseams running through the cotton gusset, and a double stitched rectangle design with added cotton layer on the inside of the side split. The side split is covered by a neatly stitched navy contrasted cotton material.

The same brand tag as the lapel tag on the jacket is featured on the right hip, and the same tag as the neck on the inside of the jacket is placed on the inside of the waist of the pants as well. The only other tag on the pants is the square, one inch by one inch Shoyoroll logo that is placed one half inch under the left knee pad.

The knee pads measure 15 and one quarter inch (39 cm), and are made from another layer of cotton. They seem to be placed higher on the thigh and extend further down the leg than previous batches. The stitching sometimes overlaps on the outer lines of the knee pad but the inner lines are mishap free.




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The Comp Standard XIV is a looser fit than previous models. It does show some shrinkage after a while, around the normal amount for kimonos though.



The pants are closely compared to the DLUX, only a looser cut. That could be due to sizing inconsistencies that a few have reported from batch to batch. Could be a looser cut for the Comp Standard. I’m not sure.

The jacket is thicker feeling but light, so I can’t really compare it to another SYR that I’ve got or another gi brand that I’ve seen. It’s odd. With the lightness, you would think it would stretch but there is no abnormal stretching.


Where to buy (sold out)
Grapplers Delight  (UK)


$159 for White
$169 for Blue





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