Shoyoroll Comp 450

Shoyoroll Comp 450

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 Shoyoroll Comp 450

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This gi was notorious for the yellow belt loops/stretchy rope bleeding and for massive shrinkage in the pants.

“We here at Shoyoroll wanted to release a basic heavy duty lightweight competition and training all around gi. This is our standard 2010 lightweight competition kimono. We gave it a very basic and classic look. We removed the inside lining, but kept the cut similar to our previous batch #6 style. If you are looking for a great all around lightweight competition and training kimono, the Comp Standard 450 is your best option. These will be a short run of kimonos for 2010 and will not be restocked in 2011, so pick them up quick.”



There was also a white/black version of the Shoyoroll comp 450 that was made but was not formally produced. Only a few exist in the general population.

Photos courtesy of James Heartquist



Lightweight 450g pearl weave fabric
One piece jacket with no back seam
Custom IPOD/ID pocket
EVA Foam Collar
Contrasting color stitch
Heavy Reinforced Seams
Tailored Fit

8oz Drill cotton Pants w/Gold Weave Gusset
Stretchy Rope Drawstring
6 Point loop system
Gold weave knee pads
Contrasting color stitch
Heavy Reinforced Seams
Tailored Fit


$139.99 or $145 (depending where you bought it)

Drop Date



Sherdog 1

Shoyoroll comp 450

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