Submission Fight Company – “Hempgate” Pt. I

Submission Fight Co. and “The Hempgate” (fake hemp gi) scandal

A lot of press has come recently by way of Submission Fight Co. and the labeling of their main products as hemp.

But as the story has unfolded over the last few months, it has come to light that the products that were labeled hemp (The Hemp Sensation kimono, the Hemp Aura kimono, and the Hemp Sensation Rash guard) were actually not made of hemp at all.

As in 0% of the material is Hemp.

Christopher ODell, leading man behind hemp in BJJ and owner of hemp product company Datsusara, had been claiming that the Hemp Sensation was not hemp. After relentlessly going back and forth with the owner of Submission Fight Co. (Shakib Nassiri) on whether or not the gi’s were hemp, he videoed himself doing a burn test on one of the Hemp Sensations and released it to the world.

Here is the burn test video

After this video was done, there was no more communication from Submission Fight Co. This raised a lot of concerns from the community and lead to a witch hunt of sorts.

Still not satisfied by some neigh sayers, Chris sent the Submission Fight Co. Hemp Sensation kimono and rash guard to a lab and got specific test results done.

The results are below,

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Still there was no word from SFC the day these results were released.

A day later though, they released their own press release and you can read that below by clicking on the link

The backlash that ensued from this release was heavy. There was a lot of negative things being said about the owner and the company.

Then following that backlash, MMA Nuts released this “interview” with Mr. Shakib. You can read below by clicking on the link

We weren’t satisfied by this “interview”, and we’re putting it in quotations for a reason, so we reached out Shakib to get some answers to the questions that people really wanted to know.

Our interview can be read below…

 Hempgate Pt. II

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