Scramble Star Spangled Spats

Scramble Star Spangled Spats

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We here at Grapplers Review LOVE spats….especially our Rainbow Spats (Our Review Here) from SCRAMBLE. I don’t know about you all out there in Jiu Jitsu Land but nothing feels better than rolling with someone who can’t believe they just lost to a guy (or girl!!!!) wearing rainbow colored tights.

Thanks to SCRAMBLE though, we’re now able to live that feeling even more except now we’re wearing spats that are modeled after the US Flag. ‘MERICA, F YEAH!!!!!!



  • Redesigned inner waistband made from spat material
  • Excellent Drawstring
  • Sublimated logos
  • Very thorough stitching throughout
  • They’re Merica spats…need I say more?


Manufactured with the tears of real live unicorns (not those fake ones you see at sideshows, we’ve been fooled before) and Don Fryes used towels, (No Chuck Norris’ were harmed during the making of these spats, although we can’t say the same for the guys who tried to get his majestic beard hair) the Scramble Star Spangled Spats boast an improved waistband since the Rainbow Spats we’ve grown to love (and it’s definitely for the better) AND a drawstring to help you get that snug fit so they don’t fall down and go showing your more clenchier buttocks or heaven forbid…..your willy.

These spats have more patriotism in them than Uncle Sam, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln riding on a group of bald eagles through a 4th of July fireworks celebration at Yankee Stadium while singing, in unison, the National Anthem and holding sparklers and roman candles.


Rolling and Sizing

I’m 5’9 and anywhere from 160 to 170 depending on the day. I got the Large ones and I couldn’t be happier. Not too loose and not too tight. Scramble Spats FTW!!!!!

These spats feel like a million gazillion bajiggerillion dollars while rolling. Seriously….

The redesigned waistband with spat material on the inside helps you stay comfortable while rolling. The drawstring helps prevent ride up and they’re of decent length and stretchiness to where they don’t ride up your calves as well. They’re not restricting at all so I know I got the right size. Obviously with spats you have unrestricted and free movement that shorts or GI pants give you.
The material actually feels thicker than the Rainbow Spats but that doesn’t mean it makes you hotter while rolling. They still are just as cool (temperature and style wise) as the Rainbow spats. The Star Spangled Spats feel like a thicker rash guard, almost like a Moya Brand Rash Guard if any of you have one just for clarification.

Final Conclusion

In my opinion, Scramble has yet knocked another one out of the proverbial ball park with their improved design for their newest offering of grappling tights, or spats as they’re now known as. The price of the Scramble Star Spangled Spats is $60 US. Considering I’m expecting these to last me quite a while like my Rainbow Spats then I can agree with the price tag and definitely recommend them to anyone who asks “should I get them” or “are they worth it”?

Do yourself a favor, get some Scramble spats in your life…you won’t regret it. They’re available in the brand new US SCRAMBLE STORE or you can get them at the same place you’ve been getting all of your scramble gear at. Click below on the link (Non-Affiliate links) depending on where you are in the world!!!!


Scramble star spangled spats

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