Scramble Rainbow Spats – Follow up review

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There are quite a few reviews out there for the Scramble Rainbow spats that you see in the amazing ad above.

There aren’t many follow up reviews that go past a few weeks of the initial use. This review is for around the year use mark for my spats.

Now I haven’t used them a ton, but I have washed AND dried them quite a bit. Now I know what you’re about to say….

“You aren’t supposed to dry them”.

I know that, but how else would you know what happens to them? Would drying them expel the magic that are in the pants or would Shinya Aoki come to my house and hammer lock or go go plata me to death?

The answer is no to both of those, (It would be a pretty sweet death i.m.o.) although it is supposed to make the life of your spats shorter. Here is my encounter with the rainbow spats from Scramble and how they look after almost a year of use.

IMG_0041 copy


Pardon my language, and the partly blurry pictures. Camera issues mixed with the pure excitement of how they still look after all this time and use cause me to get a little slap happy.

The spandex waist is a little wavy but its just barely more wavy than when I first got them. No real biggie because they haven’t stretched out at all really.

IMG_0045 copyIMG_0046 copy

I play a lot of guard, even though I was wearing shorts on over them the back is still great and hardly even worn.

IMG_0044 copy

The crotch area of the spats are still in perfect condition.

IMG_0049 copyIMG_0051 copy

Look at these logos.


Still fresh after all this time and dries.

Dang that looks pretty



Now lets see what the dryer actually did do. There are two spots on the pants that are a little fuzzy looking. One being down at the ankle next to the sizing tag as shown below…(why the ankle I’m not sure)

IMG_0047 copy


And two (not really the dryers fault) when I do play top game the one knee that is a little worn. The other knee barely has any wear.

IMG_0042 copy

As you can tell, Scramble made a pretty quality product with the Rainbow Spats and if the other spats they’ve put out are as good as these then they are definitely worth the price from Scramble.

Or you could wait till they’re on and snag a pair from them like I did.


IMG_0043 copy GO now and pick up your Scramble Rainbow Spats or any of their other spats!!!