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Scramble Athlete Gi Review


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When Scramble did a call out for reviewers to say in five words or less why they should get an Athlete to review I had one thing to say…

“I’ll let Oli choke Me”


In case you don’t know who Oli is, he’s the English Jiu Jitsu Extraordinaire and Roger Gracie Black Belt Oliver Geddes. I’m not exactly sure if this was the smartest thing to say, but hey hey hey I got a Scramble Athlete to review didn’t I?


I guess when I see Oli he owes me a choke. THANKS MATT AND BEN!!!!! (this was fulfilled at the 2014 pan ams, Thanks Oli!!)


All chokes aside though, Scramble now has a US Store!!!!

Click here for the SCRAMBLE US STORE

The Gi bag that the Athlete comes with is a blue almost purplish, silky smooth bag with a powder blue stretchy rope. It has the backpack type of construction and also features screen printed logos.

The material the bag is made of feels like ripstop material without the stitches if that makes sense. The screen print is smooth and on point.


Jacket Details

  •  475gsm Blue Pearl Weave top
  • Sublimated neck yoke Volcano art
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Ripstop lined EVA Foam Collar
  • White Contrast stitching
  • Custom Woven Taping


Pants Details

  •  10 oz Blue Ripstop Pants
  • Star design stitching on the knees
  • knee padding extends to the end of pants
  • Powder Blue Stretchy Rope Drawstring
  • 4 belt loops
  • Screen printed logo and woven patch
  • Custom Woven Taping


Jacket Overview

The Athlete has a deep blue material with a subtle lighter, almost powder blue contrast of stitching. The quality of the jackets craftsmanship seems to be top notch.


It features three places of embroidered logos on the jacket. The right shoulder has their SCRAMBLE logo, the left breast of the jacket and in between the shoulder blades under the collar have the Athlete Logo. The left breast Athlete logo also reads athlete with Japanese writing under it while the back Athlete logo does not. The embroidery is some of the best I’ve seen on a kimono to date. It’s seriously that good and even though Scrambles reputation for quality is awesome, I still didn’t think it would be this good. There was one small strand of blue stitch as you can see in the photo of the back Athlete Logo. A small snip and it was gone.


The neck yoke area has a neatly sublimated Volcano design to it. The material it is sublimated on is soft, but the stitching that is holding the fabric on is very wavy on the bottom rows of stitching. It doesn’t mean the material/design is compromised or will make it wear out faster, but I do have to note that the stitching is off.


The collar is of average thickness and firmness and features ripstop covering it with a Scramble Athlete tag in light blue almost directly at the end of the left side. The stitching on the collar is wavy in certain places and runs off the collar in a long line on the inside of the collar. It doesn’t affect the collar in a structural way though.


There are standard reinforcements in the armpit and side splits. The side splits are covered with a layer of ripstop material.


On the bottom of the inside of the skirt and arm cuffs there is a red,white,green,and yellow taping with the Athlete “A” featured every few inches. The stitching on the taping is fairly straight which is uncommon with most kimonos.


Scramble has thought outside of the box when attaching their sizing/design/washing tags. They’ve decided to put them on the inside of the right lapel. Most of the time they’re right below the collar in the middle of the jacket area. Scramble athlete gi review




Pants Overview

The Ripstop pants feature the same deep blue and powder blue contrast as the jacket. The front portion of the pants sits about an inch lower than the back of the pants to help with a better fit in the waist.


The ripstop material feels heavier than other ripstop pants I’ve had. There is no waxy feeling or general stiffness like I’ve experienced with other companies ripstop.


Instead of the usual six belt loops that are coming out with a lot of pants, Scramble has decided to go with four perfectly placed belt loops that are also thicker than normal. They’ve doubled over the ripstop material to make it more sturdy and give it a longer life. Speaking of the belt loops, the drawstring that goes in the rope is the same powder blue color as the stitching and is of stretchy rope rather than a flat drawstring. It’s a very pretty rope and gives the pants a great contrast.


The added knee pads are a single layer of ripstop but what really makes these knee pads different is the stitching and length of the knee pads. I’m sure as you can see from the pictures they feature a star pattern on the knees and the extra material goes all the way down to the bottom of the pants.


The pants have two extra design features on them. An Athlete patch on the right thigh and a screen printed “Athlete by Scramble” logo on the left quad. The screen printing is done exceptionally well I might add. There is also a sizing tag directly under the screen printing right before the knee pads start.


The pant cuffs feature the same taping as the jacket cuffs and while almost all of the stitching is perfect, there is one small spot that the ripstop is coming out of the top of the taping as shown in the pictures. Scramble athlete gi review


Fit & Rolling Performance

When the Athlete first came out there were reports of heavy shrinking in the kimono. Looking at the size chart the A1 would’ve have been good if there was not a lot of shrinkage. I didn’t want to chance it so I went with the A2. It was big and long on me at first. Over the last few months I have washed and dried this kimono with a full dryer cycle every time i’ve washed it.


The first few times I trained in the Athlete I cold wash and let it hang dry. I didn’t experience any abnormal shrinkage what so ever like other reports.

Because I dry it every time after I use it, it has faded a bit more faster than if I were hang drying it. That isn’t Scrambles fault though.

I was betting on a lot of shrinkage. The sleeves shrank about two inches through repeated drying but the pants didn’t shrink at all.

The body tightened up and fits great but for my taste the jacket length is a bit long and so are the pants. It’s an extremely comfortable fit though as it’s not too loose and not too tight either. It’s practically perfect in that department and I have a great range of motion and it’s not restricting in the slightest bit.

When rolling the sleeves do stretch out to their original length which for me is no bueno as my hands get caught in them. Dryers are terrible for kimonos and this is one of the reasons. Dryers make gis super stretchy in my experience with them.

The material is very breathable and the pants are surprisingly soft for being ripstop.

This gi would’ve been perfect for someone a tad bit taller. I’m 5’9 and 160ish, this gi would’ve been perfect out of the bag for someone 6 foot even.

scramble athlete gi review


Final Conclusions

This is Scrambles third offering to the kimono world, and in my opinion, is worth every penny if you get the right size. Had I gotten the right size this would be my go to kimono for daily training AND competitions. It’s name says it all but is perfect for not only the Athlete, but the casual practitioner as well.

I’m tempted to try out the A1 and see if I get lucky again and not experience a lot of shrinkage. Really tempted but it would be my luck that I would experience the most shrinkage haha

The price is $155 for either the white or the blue Athlete and is about the standard range of price for kimonos hitting the market today. Like I said above, it’s worth every penny if you get your size correct. The Design is great, the quality is good, and the customer service you’ll experience is phenomenal.

They now have two stores you can purchase this kimono from depending on where you are in the world.



Scramble Athlete Gi review

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