Ronin Brand – Insignia – A2

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Insignia Kimono – A2

 Hello All, the Grapplers Review is back again this time testing the Ronin Brand “Insignia” kimono. Now I know what you’re going to say, “Aren’t there already reviews of this gi?”

This is true, but has any other reviewer tested this gi in a gorilla suit?

“I once scored four touchdowns in a single game…Polk High baby”

 Didn’t think so, but enough of the monkeying around (see what I did there?) lets get down to business.

The Ronin Brand Insignia is Ronin’s offer of a medium price point range gi starting at $119.99 for their white one. The lower being their “Fighter” gi starting at 79.99 and the higher being the new “Samurai” gi starting at 139.99 All these can be seen and purchased HERE

Before I get into the actual review I’d like to say a few things about Ronin Brand and the owner Doug. First off, when Doug messaged me and offered a review gi I had barely heard of Ronin Brand. I remember seeing a review thread on Sherdog but I didn’t click on it for reasons unknown. I went to their website Click here for KinjiSan store  and I had a look at what I was going to review.

Doug was super nice and answered any and all questions regarding size, comparisons to other brands and was an overall extremely polite and great guy. Next time I buy a gi I am definitely going to his store. He has a great deal of product other than Ronin Brand.

Initial Thoughts: When pulling the gi out of the package I noticed it was a very simple design with the only real standout being the taping on the outside of the leg and the bottom of the skirt.

No contrast stitching, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it keeps a traditional look but with a little added flare with the taping. After I went over this gi with a fine tooth comb I came across some negative things, but they were purely cosmetic and had no effect on the durability of the kimono. I was informed that this gi, since it was to be reviewed, was a mannequin model that he had in the store thus the stains.

Jacket: The Jacket has a lightweight crystal weave and is very light but it doesn’t stretch out like you would think it’s going to. When putting the jacket on for the first time the sleeves were really long on me and were so light I thought they would stretch out when damp. They feel longer than a usual A2 with my experiences in A2 sizing. They were a very nice medium sleeve in terms of width. Not like a wizards robe but not slim fitting either. The cuffs and bottom of the skirt are both triple stitched.

It was a little loose around the body up by the arm pits as you can see from the picture above, but it wasn’t so loose that you would be uncomfortable by it. Also you can see how long the sleeves are on me.

Inside taping along the collar, outside on the bottom of the skirt, and running down the legs
Tag on the bottom of the lapel

Now about this taping, it is a bit scratchy the first few times wearing it. After some fabric softener though it becomes more bearable.

Stain on the sleeve
Armpit Reinforcement
Side slit reinforcement

Now here is a weird feature that I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s about but happens not only once, but twice on the jacket. There is a stitch running all the way from the top of the jacket to the bottom of the jacket and what seems to be a stray stitch running from the collar to the overlap in the jacket that separates the top of the jacket from the bottom. You can’t really see it because it’s white stitching but since I’m expected to look over my gi’s with great detail, I caught it.

Right above the red line you can see it
Directly beside the red line to the right

 Now with the logo’s on the sleeves, one is stitched correctly but the other one was stitched poorly. I’m assuming this is why he had this one as a showroom model on a mannequin.

Logos side by side
Sloppy stitching
Swell Stitching
Top to bottom: P & S light weight, Atama Single Weave, Ronin Insignia, Moya Brand Bluedial, Moya Brand White Sand

As you can see in everyone of my reviews…I am very big on collars. I love a thick collar and can’t stand a thin one. I will sell a gi with a thin collar, doesn’t matter if I am in love with the rest of the gi. This collar….is quite amazing. From the picture you can tell it is very thick, hard to keep a decent grip on but from what I was told can pass an IBJJF test.

Jacket Overview: With the exception of the poor stitching on the logo and the odd stray stitchings, this jacket is a very well made. After a quick wash and dry in the ole’ dryer I am really liking the fit of it as well. I can tell over time it will only get better and better and fit me more like a glove with future washings.

Could be a Dockers commercial

Pants Overview and Thoughts: The pants are 8.5oz. twill cotton, not too thin but not too thick either. Very breathable as well. There is taping on both sides of the outside of the pants running from the side slits to the bottom of the cuffs. The cuffs are reinforced with six rows of stitching. The knee pads are a layer of twill cotton, the same as the pants. It has a flat drawstring. I don’t prefer these types of drawstrings but this one is better than most. The draw string is held on by two belt loops. They are placed low enough that the string doesn’t ride up above the pants.

Doug told me that these pants were the same size as Koral pants, but this is not true. I’ve owned a Koral gi and I had to have them tailored up because they wouldn’t shrink and were past my ankle bone. Here are the Insignia’s pants, right out of the bag

I prefer my pants to be like this so it was perfect for me immediately.

Same taping as the inside of the lapel and the bottom of the skirt
Two belt loops
The pants inside out, showing the knee pads
SIX rows of stitching on the pant cuffs

I wubz these pants so far, perfect for competition!!!!

Compared to Moya Bluedial pants

Ronin Brand Insignia Overview: For the price point of this gi ($119.99) I feel like it is worth the price. I’ve rolled/drilled in it and so far it seems like it’s going to be a great gi that will hold up over time. I will continue to beat this gi up though to test it’s durability and see how it holds up to washing and fan drying every day, five days a week. I will post another review in a few months for an update to see how it’s doing.

Happy Trails fellow Jiu Jitsu nerds

P.S. – I forgot to mention that Doug also sent me out a patch kit that retails for $17.95. These are very high quality patches and if you wanted to spruce up your Insignia kimono then I would definitely recommend buying these. I’ll be getting these sewn on soon to test out their durability as well!!!

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