Ronin Brand Insignia – 4 Month Follow Up

roninlogoThe last time we left off with our Ronin Brand Insignia it was around the week one mark.

Here we are now with our 4 Month check up on the gi to see how it’s doing.

IMG_0056 copy  IMG_0057 copy IMG_0058 copy

The Jacket has held up fairly well. A few loose stitches but nothing that is out of the norm for a Gi.

The collar has held it’s shape nicely, no excessive stretching or shrinking to the sleeves either.

As you can see it also kept it’s color fairly well (I do wash right after class though so that could help a little bit)

Even the back is still fairly clean after all that guard playing.


So the jacket is still good besides the cosmetic flaws it came with, which were no real big deals, but the only thing that bugs me about the top is the taping never did get any softer.

It’s still scratchy and irritating even after all those washes and fabric softner rinses but that can be remedied with a seam ripper and an hour if you’re that bugged by it.


IMG_0064 copy IMG_0062 copy IMG_0061 copy

The pants have held their length and color well these past few months but do have their flaws to them.

The knees aren’t filthy or excessively worn out like some gi’s get in the first month of use.

Out of two flaws to the pants this is the first one. Where the drawstring goes it’s starting to unravel on the inside.

It’s an easy fix with some needle and thread but I just wanted to point that out.

The second thing about the pants is that the taping on the outside of the leg is coming up.

The pants are so so for me, with the taping being scratchy a couple of training partners have complained saying it sucks when the taping goes across their face or chest if their gi is open. That and combined with the fact that the taping is now coming undone and the drawstring enclosure coming up as well makes these pants really iffy.

The sizing on the pants is great, they’re not too tight in the legs but they’re not too big either and I LOVE how long they are (or lack of length) considering I love “high waters” in my BJJ pants.

4 Month Conclusion:

The price of this gi is awesome at $120 and I think it’s worth the price but if I were Ronin I would get rid of the taping or at least get a softer taping to put on there.
It’s a debate for me if I want to use the gi or not because of the taping. After about 20 minutes though I don’t feel it anymore until after class when I go to shower.

The decision I leave to you, check out my first review of the Ronin Insignia HERE.