Rolljunkie Stealth Shorts

Rolljunkie Stealth Shorts

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 Rolljunkie Stealth Shorts

Rolljunkie (one word) is an up and coming brand that so far has focused on no gi grappling attire and apparel. We did an interview with them a while back, you can see that here to get to know the brand a little better. They were super kind enough to send us their grappling shorts for us to review. Here is the Grapplers Review of the Rolljunkie Stealth shorts.


The Rolljunkie Stealth shorts quality is very high for a brand that is in it’s beginning stages. The material is of a slicker almost silk like, heavier material and have an inner elastic waistband similar to the Pre-production model of the Tatami Estilo 4.0 (see our review of that here) that grips to your waist and prevents sliding. There is a drawstring as well for added snugness and to ensure you get a good fit.

The Embroidered logos on these shorts are top notch and as we all know, embroidered logos usually last the entire life of the shorts unless they get snagged on something while out and about. The Velcro closure system is the same as used by most companies and the Velcro is very strong.

There is a side split on these shorts and it has an extra layer of black material on the edges for design and reinforcement purposes.

The stitching on these shorts are flawless and have great reinforcements on the cuffs of the legs, the rear seam, and the crotch area.

Fit and Rolling Performance

The Rolljunkie Stealth shorts are a bit wider in the legs than I’m used to, but this could be because I received a size Large in the shorts instead of my usual Medium size. The material though is super soft but also slippery at the same time, not only for my opponent but for me as well. Arm locks are a bit harder to catch due to this.

Due to them being wider in the legs they also ride up the leg free and easier than most shorts but once again, this would be my fault due to the Large size instead of Medium size I usually go with. So playing open guard exposes my compression shorts a lot when I’m not wearing spats.

The material may be heavier but you don’t really notice it at all. They breathe well due to the wider leg and keep your legs cool and not as sweaty.

In my opinion these would be perfect for grappling or MMA.


Final Conclusion

Rolljunkie have priced their Stealth shorts moderately at $45. While checking the leading brands price from other sites, this is slightly below average price for shorts from the “top” companies. I believe that the quality of these shorts rival if not surpass the quality of a lot of the leading brands and I’ll definitely be ordering a pair of medium sized so I can fully appreciate these shorts.

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