Rolljunkie Classic Kimono

Rolljunkie Classic Kimono

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Rolljunkie Classic Gi Review

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Rolljunkie (one word) is a smaller company out of New Jersey and are slowly making their way through the ranks in the grappling world. They gathered more attention for themselves after sponsoring No Gi Stand out, Garry Tonon.

The Classic is their first kimono release after mainly having casual wear and no gi apparel for sale.  Lets take a looksies


First Impressions

Immediately noticed the color of the kimono has an off white look to it. It doesn’t look as bright as the usual white kimonos that are floating around. Maybe less chemicals treated to prolong the life of the gi?

The pearl weave material is coarse, I love it. The grey contrast is subtle, nothing over the top on this gi. Great if you have a lot of sponsors to put patches on. Not that heavy, not too light. The pearl weave knee pads extend all the way to the bottom, that’s good. I love the addition of the pearl weave gusset too!

No smell from the gi either



Jacket Details

  • Light weight, white pearl weave
  • One piece jacket with no back seam
  • EVA foam collar
  • Heavy reinforced seams
  • Sleeve and skirt taping





Pants Details

  • Stretch Gusset
  • White, Cotton Ripstop
  • Stretchy rope drawstring
  • 6 point loop system
  • Heavy reinforced seams
  • Ankle Cuff Taping




Quick Review

For Rolljunkies first offering to the gi market I would say it’s a success. They’ve managed to offer a “sleeper” of a kimono you could say, for a good price as well. It’s great for competition use and/or daily training. I see no real signs of wear and the pearl weave is so rough it could rival an Atama Mundial 9’s coarse outer pearl weave.


The design is clean and has a “classic” styling, hence the name Rolljunkie Classic. Very minimal branding marks, perfect to patch up with any and every patch you can possibly think of.


The construction is solid throughout, although the taping is a little scratchy (it’s getting softer though) The color of the Classic is a tad off white IMO, I guess you could say almost a “natural” white.  It doesn’t look grungy or bad, it’s just got that color that makes my OCD go off and I wanna bleach the crap out of it to get it to a more traditional white we’re used to seeing. Purely aesthetic though obviously.


In terms of fit, if you’re a slender fellow or lady then I think this gi would be perfect for you. If you’re a more broader person I wouldn’t rule this gi out completely, but I think it would be too tight depending on where you’re broad at. The longer skirt is also a big plus for me as I like to use my lapel for chokes. Very tapered fit for me at 5’9 and 170lbs


Give Rolljunkie a chance and check out their Classic Kimono, at $150 w/ free shipping (in the US) I think you will be surprised with this kimono.

***As a disclaimer, the new classics (Classic V2)  have navy colored contrast/logos instead of the grey as I have shown here***



  • Outside is a rough pearl weave
  • Solid construction
  • Tapered fit
  • Longer skirt
  • Great collar



  •  Taping is a little scratchy


Weight Of Kimono:


More Detailed Review


Gi Bag

Against the grain, no cloth gi bag. A clear plastic Ziploc bag is what the Rolljunkie Classic Gi comes in.


Jacket Details

The jacket is a built around a very minimalistic design. The only logos you’ll find on the outer portion are on the embroidered RJ rolljunkie logos on the arms and a woven brand tag on the bottom portion of the left lapel.


All stitching is grey contrast with the exception of the collar stitching that is white. I must say the stitching on this collar is ridiculously straight. Why can’t all companies collar stitching be this straight?


Speaking of the collar, it’s an EVA foam collar covered in ripstop fabric. It’s slightly thicker than normal 450 GSM jacket collars, and is firm but gives at the same time. It’s a great combination to be honest.


Reinforcements are standard for the most part. Armpit, side split, and neck yoke are the bigger ones.

The side split has ripstop material for their coverage. Speaking of ripstop, the bottom of the skirt and the cuffs have a layer of doubled over ripstop on the bottom, and then a black woven taping on top of that. The duo make the cuffs/skirt bottom sturdier than usual.

The taping reads “Rolljunkie feed your addiction”. It’s a slightly scratchy taping but over time it has gotten softer.


Roll Junkie


One thing I really wanted to touch on is the armpit & yoke reinforcement. While it looks frayed and appears it won’t last very long, I can assure you that it should. Killer Bee is another BJJ Gi company that uses this technique and I haven’t seen a problem with their products in various stages of ownership and usage, so I’m assuming that the Rolljunkie Classic will as well.


Pants Details

There really isn’t a lot to say about the pants as they’re very minimalistic in nature but do have some great qualities.


The pants are made of ripstop and feature grey contrast stitching. The stretchy drawstring rope is a lighter grey than the darker grey contrast the rest of the pants feature. It’s odd but it works.


There are six dark grey belt loops that measure 1.75 cm wide x 2.75 cm tall. The loops seem to be made of thicker canvas material and appear to be more sturdy and thicker than other belt loops. They generally feel more quality I guess you could say. If you look at the pictures you can see a difference in stitching though. Four out of the six belt loops have a thick row of stitching that covers the bottom seam while two of six do not. Not sure if this was a factory mishap on which one, but I will note it.

The loops are starting to fray a little bit as most gi pants do, so far with any kimono i’ve encountered this hasn’t effected the longevity of the loops.


A pearl weave gusset is included instead of the usual matching cloth, I’m a sucker for pearl/gold weave gussets. Speaking of pearl weave, the knee pads are pearl weave as well and extend all the way down to the bottom of the pant cuffs!!!! This of course will add some weight to the pants but will also add in comfort and ensure that everyone will make use of the knee pads.


Reinforcements include triple stitching down the inseam and an added seat and crotch reinforcement.


The woven taping on the pant cuffs are the same as the jacket cuffs minus the ripstop bottom layer. The taping measures  2 cm tall.




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Definitely a tapered fit, perfect for slender grapplers.


Certain aspects could be compared to a lot of other gi companies but not one in particular. Sizing I would say is similar to Killer Bee.


Where to buy



$150 w/ free shipping in the US.





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