Ring To Cage No Logo Gi Review

Ring To Cage No Logo Gi Review

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Ring to Cage No Logo Gi Review A1

Ring to Cage has been known to produce high quality stand up gear, and the first two gis we got to review from them a while back were pretty swell too (No Patch & Ultima.) So when we were offered to review another kimono we jumped at the chance. This time we got their completely blank economy gi, the Ring to Cage No Logo.

The main difference between the No Patch and no logo is kind of confusing. The No Patch actually has a patch on the arms, and the no logo is completely blank. Weird huh?

Without further adieu though, here is the Ring to Cage No logo Gi review.


Jacket Details

  • Lightweight 450gsm single weave
  • White w/ white stitching
  • Injected foam mold collar
  • Rubberized thick collar?

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Pants Details

  • 10 oz drill pants
  • White w/ white stitching
  • Reinforced knee panels

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Quick Review

The no logo gi from Ring to Cage is an IBJJF approved gi that has a traditional design to it. In case you’re wondering what that means, there is no flair like contrast stitching or patches. Straight white with white stitching. Perfect if you’re not into the trend of flashy gi’s and you like the more traditional approach.

Construction wise this gi is solid. All seams on both the jacket and pants are strong and the stitching is perfect. The only negative thing I can really say about this gi is the shrinkage. The single weave material does shrink a little bit more than other kimonos. Other than that though, there is not another thing I can say bad about the gi. It’s a solid, lightweight gi that will make a great daily trainer and competition gi.

The price is lower than almost every gi company out there with the exception of one, Fuji Sports. At $92.95 for a white one or $97.95 for a blue or black one, the price is very competitive with every company out there today…if you like the minimalistic style. For some, they’ll love it. For others, it will be too plain.

The No Logo Ring to Cage gi is one of quality that anyone would be happy with. If you’re looking for a quality gi that is affordable then look no further than this one. Measurement chart is below!



  • Traditional styling
  • Sturdy
  • Great fit



  • Shrinkage


Weight Of Kimono: 3.5 lbs


Where to buy



White – $92.95

Blue – $97.95

Black – $97.95







More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

Plain see through plastic bag that also comes with a white belt of the same size.


Jacket Details

Lets be honest here, there won’t be a lot to say in terms of details but we’ll do our best to give you all the info.

The jacket is made of 450 gsm single weave. It breathes well while rolling and isn’t overly hot.


The collar is a bit of a conundrum for us as it’s described twice as to what’s in it. We can say it’s covered in the same material as the pants and is of medium firmness, but a little bit thicker than usual 450GSM gi top collars. The stitching is a little wavy but you really have to look at it to find the errors due to the white stitching.


There are no spots of branding on the outside or inside of this kimono top.


The only woven taping that this kimono has is featured on the bottom of the skirt, and in the sleeve cuffs. It is a white drill cotton and the both of the tapings measures slightly under one inch.

All taping is secured by three rows of white stitching and is folded over very well. There is zero irritation to the material as well.


The size tag is a plain white tag with black and red writing on it, and is easily torn off.


As for reinforcements, they are your standard that you will see on most kimonos. Triple stitched cuffs, triple stitched arm sleeve/chest seam. The side split reinforcement varies between gi companies but you will either see a triangle or a square/rectangle reinforcement. This one has a rectangle reinforcement that is double stitched around.

The jacket is quality made with the exception of the wavy collar stitching but I’ve never seen the wavy stitching effect a collars performance.


Pants Details


The pants are made of 10 oz drill cotton and features the same minimalistic design. White with white stitching.

The pants feature six white belt loops that hold up the pants with a white braided stretchy rope. I can only fit one finger inside of the loop, this helps keep the rope inside of the loops pretty well. The belt loops are made of thicker material and seem to be sturdier as well.


The only downside to the rope is the ends exploded and I had to cut it then singe it with a lighter.


The extra pant material knee pad goes to the end of the pants. It’s not that helpful, but it doesn’t help either.


There is no branding on the pants.


The pant cuffs feature another layer of twill cotton that measures one inch high and is secured by three rows of white stitching.


All reinforcements are typically standard (Triple stitched inseam running through the gusset up the crotch/back seam, triangle reinforcement on the crotch/seat)



There was about an inch to an inch of a half of shrinkage all around on the gi. More shrinkage on the pants than the arm sleeves though. This is after I don’t know how many cold washes and hang dries. It’s never seen a dryer. This is for an A1 sized gi.

Ring To Cage No Logo Size Chart


Some will compare this to a Fuji kimono. This gi not only has a slightly slimmer fit than a Fuji, the no logo also doesn’t shrink as much as a Fuji would.

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