Ring To Cage No Logo Gi Review – A2

Ring To Cage No Logo

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I’ve always looked at Ring To Cage stand up equipment like their focus mitts and Boxing gloves and read they were always quality products but never actually looked into their kimonos until I saw the Ring To Cage No Logo gi. I don’t recall how I came across the gi but after I clicked on it and saw the rest of the line that Ring to Cage had to offer the no logo gi stuck in my head.

Black…..with an Olive Drab contrast stitching. And at a price tag of $94.99 I thought it very well could be a steal of a gi with a color combination that was something I really liked.

IMG_0443 copy

First Impressions:

When first opening the package and seeing what all was inside it I noticed that R2C sent a few extra goodies along side the gi.

IMG_0436 copy

A white belt, key chain, and a sticker.

I’m told that white belts come with the gi’s so that’s a nice addition.

If all of their belts are as good as quality as the white belt they sent me then I would definitely be happy with having one of them tied around my waist

IMG_0442 copy IMG_0441 copyNice and thick, 8 rows of stitching and straight throughout. It’s pretty stiff but most belts are stiff right when receiving them.

IMG_0440 copy IMG_0439 copy

The keychain is a little Ring To Cage gi. Pretty cute if you ask me.

It reads “The Evolution of Fightgear” At the bottom. Nice little addition.

The sticker is a nice high quality glossy vinyl.

Now on to the actual gi itself.


IMG_0458 copy


The black color of gi with olive drab stitching really caught my eye.


It’s subtle but it still has a nice flair to it that isn’t very over the top.




IMG_0461 copy







IMG_0470 copy

IMG_0459 copy IMG_0467 copy IMG_0466 copy IMG_0465 copy IMG_0464 copy IMG_0462 copy IMG_0460 copy







Ring to Cage patch is sewn on to the sleeve of the arm with a sub par job but it is a odd shaped patch…easily removable.



A cool thing is that the side split reinforcement isn’t a normal triangle or square, this has a nice shape to it and is a thick super reinforcement. Pant material thickness with tight stitching to keep it on.





It’s got the standard circle armpit reinforcement, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it right?



The collar is a meaty thing and is super slick and I’m greatly impressed by it.

Nice straight stitching almost all the way throughout. I’ve found it to be super easy to break and slide grips off.
It’s not so wide or stiff that’s it’s uncomfortable, but it definitely has some good thickness to it.


The bottom of the skirt is a double stitch with an ironed crease at the bottom. Nothing too flashy but it gets the job done.



Ring to cage collar tag neatly stitched on




Sleeve cuff is double stitched with an ironed crease same as the bottom of the skirt.




 Jacket Overview:

Now I know what you’re thinking, the name is no logo but there is still a logo on there. I see that as well. It says it’s blank so you can put your own logo or sell at your gym. I’m not sure why it’s advertised as a no logo when there are logo’s on there. No answer yet on that one.

 It’s a nice and well constructed jacket. Not over reinforced with extra material but not exactly bare bones reinforcement either. The olive drab stitching is a unique combination for a gi, i don’t believe it’s been done before but if you look at Ring to Cage’s equipment line you’ll see that black/olive drab is their colors and they make it work. It’s a subtle contrast for the people who want contrast stitching but don’t want a lot of attention drawn to it as well. Very well done by Ring to Cage.


Once again I’m not huge on pants but I do like to pay attention to them and check over to see if anyone is doing something different than another brand.

Ring to Cage is doing somethings differently and it’s for the good.

IMG_0444 copy


Six Belt loops that are placed apart very well and are low enough the chord doesn’t ride up on you while moving.

The two center loops are apart just enough to fit the knot for your chord




IMG_0447 copy


The chord is thicker than usual and stays tied longer without getting snagged up.



IMG_0451 copy


The knee pads are a little longer than usual, covering the knee more.



IMG_0455 copy


The side vents aren’t the usual square shape like most pants, this has an unusual shape for it and is more stylish.



IMG_0456 copy



The inside of the reinforcement for the side vents

IMG_0452 copy

The cuffs are only double stitched, but feel as if they are sturdy enough for the pull and tug type of wear they will receive.

Special Note:

I have no clue what this was that was on the back of the pants when I received it, but it shows me that not all companies hand pick a perfect gi to go out and get reviewed and that makes me want to do business with Ring to Cage even more.

Yes this did wash out on the first wash by the way.

IMG_0453 copy


IMG_0478 copy IMG_0477 copy IMG_0476 copy IMG_0474 copy IMG_0472 copy

Here is where it gets tricky. At first it was a good fit, not too boxy and not too tight or short. After the last two weeks of washing it has significantly shrank to a degree that it is almost not legal for me to wear at tournaments now. Here is the before and after chart


As you can see that is a big amount of shrinkage for a cold wash/hang drying the gi. I’ve asked the owner of Ring to Cage Mr. Mohsin about this and I’ve yet to get a response from him with the two emails I have sent but the second I do get a response I will give an update!!!!

I also would like to say that when rolling, this gi still leaves black fuzzies all over me, my partner, and the mats. I don’t know why it’s still doing this as I’ve washed it quite a bit so far and even tried using fabric softener but the gi still does it.

Rolling Performance:

The gi definitely does well while rolling. It doesn’t stretch out that much and the collar is thick and slick enough to slide grips off easily. It’s light enough to keep you cool while rolling but heavy enough to withstand hard rounds of rolling.

The one thing I noticed is while rolling hard and sweating a lot, when you wipe your brow with your sleeve while taking a breather it soaks up a lot more sweat than usual. Not exactly sure why it does that, it could be the color of the gi makes it seem like it’s more damp than usual.


I would rate this gi an 8/10 for it’s price, comfort, and style aspect but since it shrank a lot more than normal gi’s I have to rate it a 6/10. Had it not shrank that much and is now borderline legal for me to use, it would have stayed at an 8.

I’ll continue to use it even though I fear it will shrink more over time with the constant training schedule I have to keep it clean and washed.