Review Process

We here at Grapplers Review want you to know that our main goal and mission in reviewing products is to make sure that people are getting their money worth when purchasing gear. We will always write an unbiased review. Whether it is good or bad, we will always be HONEST.


What we won’t do is demoralize your company. We will however, report any and all positive or negative things we find about your product in a PROFESSIONAL manner.


As a disclosure, like most people we do have our favorite brands that we like to get and/or compete in, but that will never sway the opinion on a product we review.


Grapplers Review prides itself on not working with companies on merchandise so we can keep that unbiased opinion. We don’t think it’s fair for us to do a bunch of “collaborations” with every company out there and still review their product, nor will we ever start our own gear company. That goes against the whole concept of reviewing and is just silly.

We do give feedback to companies on their product and are friendly with everyone but we don’t team up with them nor promise a good review for free product. It doesn’t matter how big or small the company is.

We will also not have any sub par reviews on here. We will have “guest reviewers” from time to time but they won’t be your typical guest reviews and will be still be of high quality. We’ve worked hard to make sure you know what you’re getting before purchasing a product.

Reviewing Process

We do what no other reviewer does and we put up our training schedule so you know how much we actually use the product and how much it gets washed and dried. We are the first ones to do so and so far the ONLY one to do so. We pride ourselves in that and want you to know when we review a product it gets thoroughly used.

We also take detailed pictures of all the important features of the gi and inspect every inch of it looking for details that no other company has. We take the pictures and post them after we’ve worn the product for the review. I could show you how good the gi looks brand new but what good is that?


  • We use our kimonos twice a day, three days a week (once on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how fast the kimono dries
  • Will be used a minimum of three weeks on this schedule

The length of time reviewed depends on the companies wishes, if they want a longer review to be more thorough then we welcome it.

No Gi Items

  • Three to four times a week, sometimes more depending on the school year

So as you can see, with this type of a schedule the products I review/use get a thorough test on durability and color locking due to all the washing.

I myself, am 5’9 and 160-165 pounds and wear an A1, A1L, or A2 gi, Medium sized shorts and Large sized rash guards for clarification of reviewing purposes. We will state if anything is not one of these.

Do you need something reviewed? Drop us a line here or on Facebook and we’ll get back to you ASAP!!!

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