Pressure Brand Competition Gi Review

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Pressure Brand Competition Gi Review

First lets talk about Pressure Brand and what they’re doing.

Making an Impact

We are the first fightwear company to set aside a portion of every sale we make, from the very first sale, to support awesome causes like jiu jitsu youth programs, sending jiu jitsu missionaries to jiu jitsu deserts to plant the seed that may sprout the next world champion, or something more simple but equally awesome like getting a local kid to the international tournaments to make a name for themselves.

Know a couple of kids at your own gym that you’d like to help out directly?

We are there! If you are a member of a good academy there is a great chance that there are many young, motivated, hard working, and broke students. These guys are doing everything it takes to make it big, but they don’t have the funds to get in front of the right crowds and show their stuff! This is where our School Affiliate Program comes in. Getting signed up is super easy! Just fill out one simple form on our website for your instructor, and we will get back with you within 48 hours. We will make a special link for your team. Each time someone buys any Pressure product from your link we will set the 15% aside for YOUR TEAM! You can redeem your cash to help out your school however you see fit!

Now that you know what we are about, you probably want to help out. Of course you do! Here’s how you can. Tell your friends about us, help spread the word! And when you need some fresh, new, lightweight, dependable gear that can withstand the pressure of rigorous training, come see us. Even if you only train once a month, go for the overkill and order a gi you can hand down to your great grandson.. Or a rashguard that you will swear ups your nogi game… you might be right.

Our Mission

To support the BJJ community, support healthy lifestyles, and make the world a better place.


Gotta respect that from a company that is just getting started.

First Impressions

When I first pulled the gi out of the package I noticed the gi came with two patches that weren’t sewn on.

IMG_3863 copy
After de-folding the gi and shaking it out I noticed it was slightly larger than most A2’s that I’ve come across. I was a little worried at first but still trucked on. It’s a rather clean gi and is out of the norm from most of the gi’s coming out today that feature all kinds of bells and whistles. It’s good to see a company go back to the basics and offer a no b.s. straight forward gi. Kudos to Pressure Brand.

Jacket Details

  • 550 gram 100% cotton pearl weave material
  • Trimmed in Ripstop fabric
  • Lightweight, fast drying rubber core lapel
  • Reinforced stitching in all stress points


Jacket Design

IMG_3831 copyVery clean, no patches


IMG_3833 copyInside taping along the collar


IMG_3840 copyPressure logo on the back


IMG_3836 copy


IMG_3837 copySweep pass submit with the pressure logo on the taping


IMG_3838 copy


IMG_3841 copy


IMG_3839 copyTriple stitched cuff


IMG_3844 copyQuadruple stitched skirt with ripstop lining on the inside


IMG_3843 copy


IMG_3845 copy


IMG_3834 copy

 Jacket Conclusions

 Great jacket, very well made with reinforcements in all the right spots of rip stop. Heavy but not too heavy and not too stiff either.


Pants Details

  • Technical 10oz cotton Ripstop fabric
  • Reinforced stitching on all stress points
  • Full length, sewn-in knee reinforcements
  • Stretch rope drawstring with double loop system


Pants Design

IMG_3846 copyClean Design, one tag and one logo


IMG_3848 copy


IMG_3849 copyfour belt loops


IMG_3850 copy


IMG_3851 copy


IMG_3852 copy


IMG_3854 copy


IMG_3855 copyTriple stitched cuff


IMG_3856 copyOnly one drawback, the stitching wasn’t put in properly here.

IMG_3857 copyTriple stitched cuff


IMG_3859 copy

Pants Conclusion

The only negative thing about the pants is the one stitch line that wasn’t placed in properly. Other than that the pants are solid and don’t seem to be flaky in any spots.

Ripstop is great if you’re using the right kind of weight and these are the heavier feeling ripstop pants and don’t seem to be wanting to tear any time soon.

How Does it Fit

PressuresizeThe gi was baggy in the jacket at first but after a warm wash and spin in the dryer it shrank up to be of a decent fit. The sleeves are still a bit longer than I like but I’m slowly working on that.


IMG_3899 copy IMG_3900 copy IMG_3901 copy IMG_3902 copy IMG_3903 copy

The pants though are something else. They are ripstop and I’ve hot washed and dried them and they’ve only come up about an inch since this picture was taken.

IMG_3894 copyA wee bit baggy and long for my taste. This gi would definitely fit someone in the 6’1 range.

Rolling Performance

It’s a heavier gi than I’m used to but it’s amazingly sturdy and breathable. The pants are a bit of a frustration for me considering they’re so big  on me but that’s not Pressure Brands fault. I think an A1 pant would fit me great with the A2 top if not an A1 top as well.

The gi performs well and doesn’t stretch out in the sleeves or jacket skirt. Holds it’s shape very nicely and is good all around.

Final Thoughts

$140 for this gi and with them giving 15% of their profits to organizations and schools promoting BJJ and encouraging healthy lifestyles, it makes it that much more awesome.

It’s a great price for this gi and you would be doing something good for another person as well.

They wanted a good competition gi and they got exactly what they wanted out of it. I let someone who was taller than me try it out and wear it and he loved it. So since they’re doing so much for companies I decided to give the gi to the guy it fit so well.

Paying it forward.

As for their customer service, it is outstanding. After showing them the pictures of the pants and also how big they were, Jason from Pressure Sports offered to send me out a new pair but I respectfully declined. It was a great offer but I couldn’t accept it. He offered a couple of times to make sure I was completely happy with the product.
They’re working on the sizing chart and said they were trying to figure out a good middle ground. Like I said above, this could fit someone who wears an A3.

All in all, kudos to Pressure for striving to make the BJJ community better by giving so much back.

Pressure brand

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